Stephen King’s Movie Collection

Love or hate Horror, anyone can admit that Stephen King is a Master genius.

I am a Stephen King fan since I can remember knowing his name.

Ok ok I know i love horror and thriller and is exactly that combination that I can get in a Stephen King’s novel or movie.

Many of you might only know the newest movie: IT with the infamous Pennywise Clown, but believe me you have plenty of more to catch up.

So this post is for you either you love your films and like me collect them, like having a large physical library of DVd’s or Blue Rays and not “online”, and love a good Horror/Thriller from Stephen King.

This Blog post was actually to be written before Halloween, to get in in a mood, but couldn’t (sorry) as a lot of things are changing.

Warner Bros released a Bundle with Stephen King’s some of his most treasured movies (based on his novels) and I simply loved it, it was missing in my Library something from Stephen King and this came ahead… Which was quite awesome!

This Bundle Brings:

  • The original version (from 1990) IT,
  • the magnificent The Shining (did you know is actually based in true stories/legends and that Stephen itself was in that Hotel in a haunted room and saw certain things which he wrote about his experience in the book? Spooky but true)
  • Salem’s Lot
  • DreamCatcher


It was so nice for the other day to remember How horrified I was at IT when I was a teen back then.


Here is where you can get your Bundle:


Let me know which one if your favourite movie from Stephen King below on the comments.

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