October Jewellery Pieces – Luxury time!

Because we are worth it!

This October is being a good month, specially with these 3 pieces i have to show you.

You all know my love for jewellery and gems, so here are my top 3 pieces for this october – A month when 90% of the world has a birthday (kidding… but feels like it since most of everyone I know it’s is birthday this month…).


Starting with my Male tip of the month:


Timex Men Easton Watch by House of Watches

I absolutely love this watch from Timex on House of Watches!

Simple and elegant, don’t be fooled by it’s simple appearance.

You can add any piece of clothing with this watch and it will pop and get noticed.

Cool addition to this piece would be it actually has a night light as you can see by the photos below.

With a black dial and a traditional buckle clasp, either to work or to use in a more sporty time, this watch is really something.

Find more about the Timex Men Easton Watch on House of Watches online.

Rosa Lea Open Circle Earrings from T. H. Baker jewellers 

I have been working with Rosa lea for quite some times I love how elegant they are.

These earring are the proof of it and T. H. Baker know it.

Sterling Silver made with a butterfly back, the open circle earing are filled with crystals to give a shiny look to your outfit.

Simple yet sophisticated, these open circle studs are lightweight and extremely functional. Providing a maximum of shine with the minimum of weight, these studs are subtle yet spectacular enough for everyday wear.

Find out more about the Rosa Lea Open Circle Earrings on T. H. Baker online



Pandora White Orchid Dropper Charm by The Jewel Hut

Everytime I get a new Pandora my heart flutters. Each piece is unique and I cannot say i have a favourite but The Jewel Hut delivered this piece and I have to say I was stunned by it.

And story goes like this: as you know I am from Venezuela (South America) and I have 2 favourite flowers: Gerberas and Orchids – since Orchids are the flowers of Venezuela (like in a traditional way), they make me remember my youth and my good memories back home (before all the revolutions and wars).

When I saw this piece I simply had to have it!

Is it beyond gorgeous how it looks, so elegant and so well made that is one of my favourite pieces, I must confess.

The white ename on the sterling silver with the touch of the purple cubic zirconia, makes this dropper piece a beautiful statement on your bracelet or in your necklace.

What a wonderful charm!

Find out more about the Pandora White Orchid Dropper Charm by The Jewel Hut online


What do you think of these pieces?

What is your favourite?


Thank you to T.H.Baker, The jewel Hut and House of Watches.

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