Take Charge of Your Health: A Guide for Busy Mums

Balancing a career, raising kids, and running a household are all more than enough to keep mums busy, but then along came COVID-19 and made things even more challenging. Amid trying to homeschool the kids, work, and complete the million other jobs on your to-do list, you are probably feeling a little drained.

These are exceptional circumstances, and the current situation is something that nobody could have anticipated. However, there is no doubt that life right now is infinitely more stressful than it was 18 months ago, so it is not surprising that so many people are now feeling the strain of life in lockdown and all that comes with it.

As a mum, there is a general assumption that you should put your own needs last and carry on no matter how you feel. When everyone else gets sick, they rest, but when mum gets ill, she carries on without a break. However, whether you are a mum or not, everyone has the same need for self-care and looking after their health. Here are some ideas to help you to take charge of your health and wellbeing, even in the busiest times:


Take Control

Being in control of your health is all about making informed choices that are right for you. For example, maybe you have too many commitments, and rushing around is impacting your health. In this case, deciding to give something up and create more free time could be the right choice.

Likewise, maybe you feel that your family is complete; if so, you may choose to have tubal ligation if you think it is the right option for you.


Deal With Persistent Issues

Is your day impacted by a backache that you have had for the last ten years? Or, maybe you have meant to visit the dentist for ages to get a continuous toothache investigated. When your life is busy, it is so easy to live with persistent issues that you never get around to resolving.

Putting up with ongoing problems can affect your quality of life, so addressing these aches and pains before they worsen is crucial.


Enhance Your Wellbeing

When we think about health, physical health is the first thing that generally comes to mind. However, mental health and wellbeing are equally as important. Many mums feel under constant stress, which can leave you feeling run down. Finding methods to improve your wellbeing has many benefits and should help you to feel calmer.

You could try techniques such as mindfulness or meditation to bring down your stress levels, or perhaps make time for exercise to work off some of that tension.


Go Back to Basics

If your life is continually busy, it is easy to overlook the essential elements of good health. These simple things can provide significant benefits to your overall health.

Eating delicious, healthy foods, drinking enough water, and getting as much sleep as you can are all vital to protect your health and help you to feel at your best.



Images from Pixabay

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