5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Malaysia

Whether you have been asked to relocate for work or just fancy a change of scenery, Malaysia is has been the number one choice for a growing number of homeowners from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.

As a result, the country’s travel and tourism industry has experienced a rapid surge in popularity in recent years. Continue reading to find out why you should move to Malaysia as a single dweller or growing family.


  1. The economy is flourishing

Before you relocate overseas, it is common practice to research the local economy of the country you intend to move to. Those seeking greener pastures in Malaysia should have no problem. The country is home to the fourth-largest economy in Southeast Asia and the 36th largest economy in the world. As a result, it tends to remain relatively steady with each passing year.

Historically, Malaysia also tends to rank highly when it comes to rates of labour productivity compared to neighbouring countries. This, coupled with the low cost of housing, food, fuel, and public and private transport, had led to the inhabitants of Malaysia living a relatively affluent lifestyle on a budget. If you want to experience a life of luxury for less, Malaysia should be your first choice when it comes to shopping around for a place to call home.


  1. The locals are very friendly

As well as researching the local economy, it may benefit you to find out whether or not the locals tend to be friendly towards non-locals choosing to relocate to their country. Whilst this is never usually a major problem, it can pay to be prepared. It is a well-known fact that Malaysians are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

With an unwavering sense of patriotism and pride in their homeland, they will welcome you to their beautiful country with open arms. They are also quick to go out of their way to provide hospitality if and when necessary and are unlikely to hesitate when it comes to extending their hand to others. This is especially the case with foreigners unfamiliar with the customs and traditions associated with their country.


  1. You will be treated to beautiful scenery

Achieving what most countries don’t, Malaysia benefits from both a booming economy as well as beautiful scenery at every turn. Home to some of the planet’s most breathtaking views, you are unlikely to ever get bored of the natural beauty to be found on your doorstep. For example, if you are looking for a house for sale in miri, you will be treated to some of the country’s best coastal views on a daily basis.

If you prefer to immerse yourself in the sights and sights of the rainforest, dense vegetation covers up to 75% of Malaysia’s landmass. If you are seeking a secluded island to enjoy your retirement, on the other hand, the country is comprised of a number of accessible islands for those on the hunt for Instagram-worthy beaches or world-class sunsets.


  1. The cuisine is world-class

If you are a fan of Malaysian cuisine or are looking to try something different, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the wide range of dishes on offer in Malaysia. With a mix of Thai, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Arab, Portuguese, and even British-inspired cuisines to tickle your taste buds, you are guaranteed to find your next favourite dish when you relocate to the country.

As with most Asian countries, street food is also popular with locals and non-locals alike. Head to some of Malaysia’s famous street food markets for a first-class meal for less than the price of a takeaway coffee. From rice, noodles, and salad to fruit, desserts, and bread, a move to Malaysia may be necessary in order to try out the seemingly endless variety of dishes on offer.


  1. The weather is pleasant all year round

Whether you are fortunate enough to live in a country that is warm all year round or tend to experience all four seasons within the space of 24 hours, the sun shines in Malaysia all year round.

Due to its geographical location close to the equator, warm temperatures tend to be the norm from January through to December. With fewer weather elements to pack for, you will more than likely get away with leaving your umbrella at home.


If you are on the hunt for a new country to call home, Malaysia should be one of the first options on your list. Whether you are a frequent visitor or have only heard good things, there are a number of factors you should familiarise yourself with beforehand. For example, the economy is flourishing, the locals are very friendly, you will be treated to beautiful scenery, the cuisine is world-class, and the weather is pleasant all year round.


Guest Article by Ella Woodward

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