Testing the new Vileda WindowMatic

Today testing the new WindowMatic small home appliance, from Vileda. Vileda is know from it’s cleaning products and gadgets for home.

The WindowMatic, very recently, is a small appliance, a cordless window vacuum cleaner that helps in a quick and easy way, to a streak-free finish after washing your windows, for removing window condensation, wiping mirrors or cleaning up spills.

The wide wiper blade and suction power efficiently removes water from windows without drips and without the need to polish afterwards.

The flexible head gives you the best cleaning angle to allow you to vacuum right down to the base of the window and into corners.

The mains rechargeable lithium battery allows you to use the windomatic cordlessly all around the home.

Lightweight and with an ergonomic grip for easy handling, the Vileda windomatic can wipe up to 60m² on one charge.

Now, when we look at it, it seems that a simple window cleaning spray and some paper will do the trick and there is no need to buy one more small appliance right? I will be very honest, I thought about it… until I’ve tried it. And best of all, I’ve tried while my house was packed of  family over for Christmas, heater on, condensation, etc.

The result was amazed. It came with a little of battery so I’ve tested straight away and filmed it.

Easy to assemble and to use, the 100 ml water deposit it’s enough but make sure you don’t surpass the Max mark or can spill. You can use in the vertical or horizontal while cleaning, and can clean several things such as mirrors, windows and soilled surfaces, and it’s Class A energy!

Can save you time and delivers a professional finish as well as it’s lightweight and small to store.

It’s a good appliance to have or to offer.

Get yours: http://bit.ly/Viledawindomatic

See my testing in my video:



Thank you to Vileda for this experience.

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