The Basics Of Designing A Home Extension

The Basics Of Designing A Home Extension

Designing a home extension can be a dream project for some people. It’s a sign your family is expanding, and you’re comfortable paying off the mortgage, and you’ve got room in the budget for some extra space – what could be better?! But before you sit down to draft out your plans, you’re going to want to get to grips with the basics.

After all, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to modern construction projects, such as the energy efficiency rating and potential local impact, and you won’t want to forget about these factors! With that in mind, let’s go through some questions that’ll help you design a home extension that’ll stand the test of time.


How Big Will it Be?

The first thing to consider is the sizing and placement of your home extension. This will inform whether or not you’ll need planning permission, and how long the project itself will take to complete. For example, adding on a new room or two downstairs is a fairly hefty project, and you may need to talk to the council first before proceeding.

Similarly, when you know the size and location of your extension, you’ll also be able to draft out the budget you’ll need, but more on that below. For the time being, make sure you’ve got a clear idea of what your extension will look like, and a clear schedule available.


How Will You Use it?

The next thing to consider is the way you’ll be using the extension. You know where it’s going to be and how big you’d like it, but what are you going to fill it with? And most of all, why do you need all of this extra space? A clearly defined purpose will make your plan a lot more actionable!

Maybe you want to host parties? Maybe you want a kids’ playroom? Maybe you want a conservatory to sit out in during the summer? You’ll also need to think about the materials needed for these purposes. For example, how will you insulate it? Companies like All Seasons Energy Ltd will offer various forms of insulation for your extension, but it’s up to you to pick which ones suit your needs best. So think about your needs right now and get them written down.


What Budget Do You Have?

As we mentioned earlier, now is also a good time to figure out your budget. The cost of your extension is probably your biggest worry right now, but the sooner you consider it, the less likely you’ll have to spend more money down the line.

The long and short of it? You’ll need at least £1000 per square metre for any home extension you put together. Keep this in mind at all times; you may need to go back to the drawing board on your size plans, or you may have more wiggle room than you thought!


Got ideas for a home extension? Know the basics for much better results!

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