The Best Items To Pack for a Spring Vacation

The Best Items To Pack for a Spring Vacation

There’s nothing better than taking a vacation as soon as the weather starts getting nice, but packing isn’t always the most thrilling part. Although you may already have an idea of the items you want to add to your suitcase, overpacking or underpacking are surefire ways to cause issues for yourself on the trip. Whether you’re going to the beach, the mountains, a city, or another environment, you’ll benefit from knowing the best items to pack for a spring vacation.


Reusable Water Bottle

Many people have no issue drinking enough water at home, but vacation makes it more difficult to stay hydrated. Consider packing a reusable water bottle to keep with you most of the time; this way, you won’t have to worry about where you can get water along the way. While you’ll have to find clean sources to refill the bottle, filling it with tap water is cheaper and more eco-friendly than buying bottled options.

Pro Tip

Ask for water at restaurants and pour it into your bottle—this is a free way to get clean drinking water.


Sunscreen and SPF Lip Balm

You probably already know you need sunscreen for a tropical vacation, but the truth is, you’ll need it anywhere you plan to spend ample time in the sun. If sunscreen is a part of your daily beauty routine, don’t forget to pack it with your other makeup and skincare products. However, a full-body sunscreen spray or lotion and an SPF lip balm are also necessary items to add to your suitcase regardless of your destination.


Appropriate Clothing for the Location

Clothes are arguably the most important items to pack when it comes to vacation, but every destination requires different apparel. Suppose you’re going to a beach town—you’ll need your swimsuit, shorts, tanks and tees, sandals, and other beach-appropriate garments. On the other hand, spending time in a northern state or the mountains may require warmer clothing like jeans, sweaters, long sleeves, and the like.

Packing the right clothes for a spring trip often involves knowing how to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring, as you need the proper items for the weather readily available in your closet. When you have garments suitable for the outdoor conditions of your destination, you’ll feel more comfortable and stylish on your trip.


Crossbody Purse or Bag

You most likely already carry a purse or handbag to hold your essentials, and this need won’t be put on hold during vacation; however, you don’t have to bring your usual bag. Keeping your hands free is a great practice on your holiday, and you never know what you’ll want to do or carry each day. That said, using a crossbody purse or bag is a great way to keep everything you need on your person without it being in your way.


Now that you know the best items to pack for a spring vacation, preparing for your trip will be a breeze. Vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing, so don’t let the stress of packing take the enjoyment out of your overall experience.

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