Investing in Real Estate in NYC: What You Need to Know

The down and dirty of investing in NYC real estate circles around getting the funds to start. Many real estate investors have never purchased an investment property.

In regions like New York City, it is more than challenging to get proper backing to start investing, even with good credit and reasonable savings.


Hard Money



Hard money lenders NYC refers to private lenders that offer short-term loans specifically for investing. Hard money loans are prevalent among investors who fix-and-flip houses. But in New York City a hard money lender can help you purchase a property that needs renovation or to purchase a place to rent out as income.

You’ll have a hard time finding a hard money loan from a financial institution. But there are many places online to find hard money support. Always question how reputable the lender is though because you don’t want involvement from someone who is unethical or has unrealistic expectations of repayment.



No Better Place for Turnkey Properties



How we mentioned before that you might want to purchase a place and immediately put renters in place, well that’s a turnkey property. New York City is full of areas that are up-to-code and could have renters move in tomorrow. Fortunately, NYC is also full of people who need places to rent.

Owning turnkey properties may seem expensive because you’re taking responsibility for essential utilities such as water, and any necessary repairs. But, many of these expenses will pay off when tax time comes around.

The best thing about the city is that you can set rent based on the number of rooms, rather than the size of the apartment itself.



Start Small



No one entered real estate investing with a 30-unit building in an established neighbourhood in New York City. So unless you inherited a decent fortune, you’d need to start smaller and focus on diversifying your portfolio.

While you may want to fix-and-flip a few places that need some rehabilitation, you’ll do better picking up rental properties throughout 3 to 5 years. To do this, you can use hard money loans and as each is paid off, acquire another property. Rolling your profit back into your portfolio. Although you won’t be rolling in cash for a few years, it’s a proven method for long-term gain.



The Better Areas to Live In, Aren’t Worth Investing



Although you might have dreams of buying up Manhattan, you won’t see much profit. The thing is that the better areas to live in are on the market for minutes or less. Your chances of swooping up these properties are meager. Then you should consider that because of the location you’ll overpay every time.

Avoid the areas that are already hot spots, and instead look for the regions of the city that are part of revitalization regions.




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