The Everything Machine by Ally Kennen

What would YOU do if you could print anything?

Would you print money? A new house for yourself maybe?

Or perhaps you have a loved one you’d like to create or re-create?

Of course, anything you do create will have consequences – are you willing to deal with them?


Eleven year old Olly has a very special delivery – a 3D printing machine, stamped with PROPERTY OF M.O.D and BRITISH SPACE AGENCY. WARNING. DO NOT TAMPER, which has magical powers…

It has a name, it speaks, and it can print ANYTHING Olly asks it to – a never-ending supply of sweets, a swimming pool in the shed – but what Olly really wants is… his dad, who has separated from his mum and moved out of the family home.

Cue the creation of Dad-Bot – he looks just like Dad (on a good day) but is totally chaotic – and his antics tip Olly and co into a heart-racing and heart-warming adventure!


My Point of View:

Well… I have pretty much a lot of things I would use on that machine… But Olly went just a bit further creating the Dad bot and silly things happened. Still pretty cool!

This book is filled with comedy and inventions, and plenty of things to think of. I think that any child (cough*adults*cough) will love this book and will make a list in his brain of things he would like to do if it has this opportunity.

Absolutely brilliant and fun, The Everything Machine by Ally Kennen is a must have book for any inventor in our house. Recommend it!

Available for Kindle and in Paperback – Get yours here:


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