The Foolproof Way To Find Your Dream Career Path

The Foolproof Way To Find Your Dream Career Path

Across the country, millions of individuals are unhappy in their careers. For whatever reason, you’ve journeyed down a career path that you do not like. It’s making you unhappy, meaning every day feels like a chore.

What if there was a way to find your dream career path? Well…there is! If you follow the foolproof plan below, you can figure out what sort of career will be the dream for you:


Determine your main source of career happiness

Think about what makes you happy in your career. Is it money? Or, is it a job that you genuinely enjoy doing? Most people will discover that the latter is the better option. Choosing a career you’re passionate about is much more enjoyable than plugging away at an awful 9-5 just because it pays well. Of course, we’re all different, so determine what makes you happy.


Consider your main interests

What do you enjoy doing? Do you have any hobbies or interests that take up a large portion of your life and make you happy? We all have certain things we enjoy doing, so make a list – no matter how weird you think they’ll be.

Pretty much any hobby can be turned into a job these days. Let’s say you’re a car fanatic and love watching car videos on YouTube. Instantly, there are many jobs that can align with this hobby. You could become a mechanic or forge a diesel technician career. Maybe you work as a designer for a car manufacturing company – or possibly a journalism job in the motorsport industry?

Or, what if you’re passionate about cooking? You can start a business making and selling food. You could work in a restaurant, become a food critic or start your own food blog. See, these are two completely different interests and we’ve already rattled off some career ideas.

Think about what brings you joy in your daily life and make a list of your interests. Then, research different jobs relating to these interests.


Develop your skills

After deciding what career path you want to go down, you need to focus on developing the necessary skills. Look at your favorite hobby and think about the skills required for the jobs you’re interested in.

From here, make a plan to develop these skills. Do you have to take educational courses or go to university? Make a genuine effort to get all of the skills you need to follow your dream career path.


Gain experience

Whilst you develop your skills, work on ways to gain experience. Find volunteer opportunities or jobs lower down the pecking order to get used to this new career. All experience is good experience, as long as it’s relative to your dream job. When you start applying, you’ll have lots of previous work and references to fall back on and use to bolster your applications.


Just like that, you’ve plotted a course for career success. It’s all about figuring out what makes you happy and what you enjoy doing in life. Then, find jobs relating to this and develop your skills/gain experience.

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