Tips for Building the Best Year-Round Bedding Set

Tips for Building the Best Year-Round Bedding Set

When you go to sleep at night, you take your time to get settled with your favorite pillows and blankets. However, it isn’t uncommon to wake up throughout the night from becoming drenched in sweat or shivering from not getting warm enough.

It’s common to struggle with getting a good night’s sleep due to improper bedding. So, let’s go over tips for building the perfect year-round bedding set for your home.


Bedding You’ll Need

Your first goal should focus on finding the right bedding that works every season. Your bedding set should include:

  • Heavy and light throw blankets
  • A heavy duvet
  • Two duvet covers
  • Two sets of summer sheets
  • Two sets of winter sheets
  • Winter and summer pillowcases

Of course, you can adjust your bedding set based on personal preferences. Not only will you feel more comfortable and supported through the night, but you’ll also have an eye-catching bed you can’t wait to return to at the end of the day.


Comforter Features

One of the tips for building the optimal year-round bedding set is finding the right comforter for your bedroom. You’ll want to look into a comforter that keeps your body comfortable in the summertime and warm in the wintertime.

You’ll want the appropriate weight for your climate: thicker comforters suit colder environments, and lightweight comforters best suit tropical climates. Additionally, natural down comforters also work for year-round comfort.


Seasonal Blankets

Every night should feel comfortable and relaxing as you drift off to sleep. However, you shouldn’t have a thick blanket for hot weather, or you’ll become overheated. So, switching out your seasonal blankets will help regulate your body temperature.

During the colder seasons, you want winter-weight bedding to pull over yourself to stay warm. In the warmer seasons, you want to have thinner blankets to keep your body temperature down.


Warm & Cold Weather Bedding

Ideally, you can keep your comforters and pillows the same throughout the year, but it’s essential to switch out your bedding for seasonal changes. For warm weather, you want to use lightweight cotton sheets with a higher thread count. As for cold weather, flannel and wool can help keep heat from escaping.

However, one significant difference between bamboo and cotton bedding is thermoregulation. What makes bamboo stand out is its moisture-wicking properties and loose weaving; you can use it year-round, keeping you warm through the winter and cool in the summer.


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