Finding Common Ground With A Friend With Different Interests

Finding Common Ground With A Friend With Different Interests

Having strong friendships in your life is one of the best ways to live happy and healthy. However, every friend you make along the way will be different in some way to you, and sometimes that can be difficult to overcome. As such, maybe you’ve fallen apart through the years and have recently reconnected, or maybe there’s always been distance between you thanks to your differing interests?

But this distance doesn’t have to stay forever. You can find common ground, as long as you’re both willing to do so, and have some good ideas up your sleeve. And while we can’t help you with the first, we can give you a bit of inspiration for the latter! Here are some good ways to find that sense of companionship, even if you’re completely different people.


Have a Laugh Together

Being able to have a laugh together is one of the best ways to cement that sense of friendship the two of you have. Sitting down to watch a funny movie with snacks, going to see a live comedy show you can laugh at loud at, and trying out new activities that you may fall over doing and get a funny video from, will all work here.

If you can have a laugh, it’s a sign there’s something special between you. Even if you’ve got nothing in common when it comes to hobbies or the job you work or your family lives, you’ve still got this sense of humour to share. And that’s invaluable when you’re building a long term relationship of any kind.


Try Something Each of You Loves

Trying something your friend loves to do, and them trying something you love to do, is a bit of back and forth that shows you’ve got a good chemistry to play off of. And it’s not all that hard to compromise in this manner. Indeed, if your friend loves to workout and be involved in fitness activities, why not try out a gym session with them?

Even if you find you don’t quite like it yourself, you’ve at least been willing to give it a go, and you’ve learnt lots along the way! For example, now you can more specifically cater to them when it comes to birthdays and Christmas; CBD gift hampers could be a great option for someone who’s interested in their health and wellbeing.


Everyone Enjoys Food!

Finally, why not just go out for dinner together? Everyone loves to have a tasty bite to eat, and maybe meeting up once a month to chat back and forth over food could be your thing. It’s a low effort activity, and it doesn’t require you to have an interest in common; not only do people love food, but we simply have to eat! Fall back on this if you’ve got nothing else springing to mind.


In friendships, common ground isn’t as hard to come across as you might think. You just need to pick your moment right!


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