Tips for Improving Your At-Home Photography Studio

Tips for Improving Your At-Home Photography Studio

The best part about a home studio is that you have control over the shooting environment. However, there are ways to enhance the space. Follow these great tips for improving your at-home photography studio today!


Update Your Backdrop Selections

A white or grey background is fine for some photoshoots, but many clients seek variety. Brighten up your portfolio with new backdrops. Doing so adds color and depth to your pictures. It’s best to set up the perfect background for the session to appease clients. One way to choose the right photography backdrop is to have a wide range of options. From single-color backgrounds to elaborate ones, there are tons of possibilities!


Consider Purchasing Props

Along with updated backdrops, consider purchasing props for photoshoots. It adds a fun element to pictures and helps tell a story. For instance, engagement pictures with a sign that says “I said yes” let viewers know the message of the picture. To gain inspiration, consider these prop ideas:

· Flowers

· Balloons

· Chalkboard signs

· Fairy lights

· Apparel (hats, costume jewelry, jackets, and more)

· Stools


Achieve Complex Lighting

Most home studio photographers have basic lighting with a light and reflector (usually an umbrella). When you want to take things to the next level, start with complex lighting. Increase your illumination source with a three-point portrait setup or other unique options. Extra lights add variety to your photos and often improve their quality.


Add Amenities for Clients

Improve your at-home photography studio by adding amenities for clients. Depending on the shoot, sessions can be long, and people need rest. Provide light refreshments and water for clients to enjoy while they take a break. Additionally, you can create a wardrobe area for people interested in changing their clothes during the photoshoot. Since the studio is inside your home, the client may hesitate to change in your personal bathroom. Luckily, a make-shift private space is perfect for home studios!


Rework the Space

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your studio is to rework the space. If you’re not fond of the setup, modify your studio. Whether you move to another room or rearrange the area, make the necessary changes. Think of this as a breath of fresh air for your photography.


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