Tips for Transforming a Lake Home Into a Vacation Rental

If there are times in the offseason you’re not at your lake house, consider renting it out to others. You can enjoy earning a side income while appreciating the memories other families create in the rental property.

Here are some tips if you decide to turn your lake home into a vacation rental.


Choose Climate-Appropriate Furniture

You’ll need to choose furniture based on the climate around your lake house. For example, if your home is along a coastline or somewhere warm, you’ll want microfiber, weather-resistant furniture that doesn’t rust.

Additionally, if your lake house is in an area that experiences a lot of severe weather, you should buy replacement storm windows to keep the temperature consistent and protect the indoors. If you have outdoor furnishings, ensure the cushions are detachable and can be brought inside during storms.


Hire a Cleaning Service

Like a hotel room, everything should be cleaned before and after every guest’s stay. Make sure to charge a cleaning fee to help mitigate the costs of a cleaning service, especially if the messes are larger than usual.

Ensure that you or the company you hire follows regular cleaning procedures and does a thorough walkthrough before finishing.


Add a Personal Touch to Every Room

Every room deserves a personal touch. If you are listing an outdated home, you should update it so it appears attractive in photos. You should include updating kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Many bedrooms have wallpaper, but it may have holes and cracks, making painting difficult. Ensure you have the proper steps to follow before painting over wallpaper. Knowing what to do before painting can save you from having to remove it later to fix mistakes.


Lock Up Your Personal Items

Sometimes landlords have belongings they leave on the property. To ensure your items don’t go missing, ensure they’re locked in a separate closet or chest. Keeping things locked up secures your belongings and makes sure guests don’t accidentally use them.


Create Key Copies and Designate a Lock Box

Guests come and go as they please, but they need a key to get back in and lock up before heading out. Depending on your vacation rental location, ensure there’s a lock box or manager on duty who can retrieve and make additional key copies for guests.

These tips will help transform your lake house into the ultimate vacation rental. Whether you’re along the lakefront or a few miles from the shoreline, providing enough amenities to attract guests is essential. Use these tips to help you design a lake house that everyone will enjoy, including yourself.


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