Toddler Cups

RJ is a very easy baby in most of the things. But his personality is very precise and very methodical.
He likes that spoon or that cup or bottle, He has a schedule for his feedings, since he was a baby really, and he sleeps by that time…and he doesn’t care… like a good toddler he is.
Other than that, he is a great buddy when going out and about, not fussy and wants to be n the middle of the adults and thinks he’s older.

The bottles and cups was one of the things I bought “thousands” and he didn’t like them.
Still he can drink in a normal glass like and older child, I want him to use his own hands and try to train him on using his own cup… It’s going that way.

Every child is different, and sometimes parents can be frustrated because their kids should do or say like a toddler by that age should do/say. It’s not like that really.
And it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad parent or that you don’t make efforts towards his learning. It;s really the child that has a way of dong his things, has his own pace.

Takes time, patience and a lot of love…but specially patience.

So these are the “finalists” cups, those that are used by RJ and I can review each of them:

The RJ Collection of Cups

Milk Bottle

As a good toddler, he likes his milk. He doesn’t drink formula since he was really 7 months *a good thing since I was weaning him well) and I started that time by introducing him to cows milk +1, soy milk +1, coconut and almond milk.
(Attention: This was MY responsibility, act on your own). 

Disney Nuby 12+:
Your dentist will recommend that between 9 months and till 1 year old, you change the bottle teat to this kind of teat, because of their teeth.

Disney Nuby

Oh…here comes the rest of the collection. Some of them are to stay at home, some are to take out.

The Favorites:

Nuk Disney 12+:
You can either have the “viking hat” as a support for you toddler to grab it or take it off. It’s easy to was and small for them to start practicing. The teat is great.

Vital Baby 9+:
Excellent size, the teat seems hard but it;s one of the best he has drank on. Normally babies and toddles need to “bite” the teat to drink, it’s their instinct since they are born. 
And this one is one of his favorites. Easy to clean all the pieces and the lid has 3 pins so it can stop water to come of. One of the things the lid should have a better closing. Another thing is that because of the bottom part of the cup is in rubber, it has a better grip on surfaces.

Vital Baby 12+:
Same from above but bigger. His juice cup. Great product, but the same the lid should make a click, other wise it can fall easily if it weren’t for the pins in the teat.

Tommee Tippee 9+:
A no! I love Tommee Tippee, has utterly respect for any brand I work with but this is one of their worst products. the bigger lid leaks, the little lid that cover the teat is a nonsense and not practical because it falls of their mouth while the’re drinking and the teat is too hard for them to bite, so he can’t even drink with this one. I took this photos but I am disposing of this one.

Munchkin 9+:
Has a good teat, the price is good, I love Munchkin very much but this is a no no. the lid falls off, the handles are far to large and it’s not practical to carry on the bag. Other than that, he can drink from it but He doesn’t use it too much.

Asda Little Angels 9+ with straw:
Price is great, quality not so much and you can throw it to the bin after some months. They can drink though the straw really well, the problem is that the plastic is not from a good quality and starts having scratches in the interior (I used with water, tea and juice…not rocks). If you change the plastic type it will be great. I recommend this one but buy like half a dozen to change it every month.

Nuby Straw cup 9+:

I was delighted with this one, since it was the first cup he really liked and everything was going fine till the time you realize:
“Maybe I should take all the parts to give it a good wash!”
Wrong. I had the instructions didn’t do anything wrong. The real problem here is the Straw. The plastic is awesome quality as Nuby always is, but the straw need to be changed. it’s divided by 2 parts when it should be 1 entire straw, not 2 little straws. If you wash it…it will never be the same, plus the straw that is where the child drinks can be taken of to wash, which will start to create mold and have a nasty look. Loved this cup but is going to the bin as well.

It starts having his own Ecosystem
because can’t be washed.

Remember that these opinions are based in my child usage. Yours can be very different.
Thank you to Vital Baby

Cheerio #cupsfortoddlers

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