Things You Should Have: A Backpack

On this new series of Things You Should Have, I will speak about things you really should have at home, for the kids, for you and Household.

I will talk a bit of FASHION items that are IN right now, PRACTICAL products and SIMPLE and EASY things you normally remember and forget the second after.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of them.

And the first thing to have is:


Even if you are an adult working in an office, you need a Backpack.

Everyone needs a backpack!

When I travel to other countries with my baby, I use the backpack with the essential things for my baby: nappies, fruit, wipes, some clothes, his Peter Rabbit, etc. If my Bag is lost in the cargo, I have my backpack.

If I go to the office, I will take my laptop, my lunch and snacks, chargers, basic women stuff, etc.

If I go to the country or go to make a picnic, I will pack a bottle of water, snacks and baby stuff.
If  go cycling, it depends on where am I going, but backpack it is.

You will have your arms free to carry anything. 
They are practical and can be in a range of colors.
Make sure the Straps are comfortable and that you can adjust.

And you say: 
But what about those days when is raining or snowing?

Frog Bikes have a cover that adapts to most of the backpacks. It’s water resistant and has lights, for when you walk or ride at night.


Team Sky rucksack
• Adjustable padded straps with reflective strips
• Integrated wet kit bag
• Front pocket contains mobile phone holder, key ring and organiser
• Side cargo mesh pockets suitable for a water bottle (not included)
• External name card for easy identification

Rucksack Dimensions: 42 x 30 x 15 cm

Team Sky showerproof & reflective rucksack cover
• Suitable for most rucksacks
• 15 – 35 litres capacity
• Highly reflective strips
• Integrated flashing lights

• Elasticated edging and strap for secure fastening

Check the Frogs Bike website that we recommend. 
You won’t regret.

Thank you to Frog Bikes

Cheerio #ThingsYouShouldHave

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