Top 4 Cloud Solutions For Your Small Business

Top 4 Cloud Solutions For Your Small Business

Before the cloud evolution, the common way of storing data was on memory cards and hard drives. However, there was a disadvantage, as information could be lost if a phone or computer got damaged or missing. Today, cloud computing allows data storage on dedicated services where you can easily access them on demand, provided you have the right credentials.

A recent UK research showed many benefits of cloud computing for small businesses, including enhanced flexibility, scalability, and easy data recovery. But with so many options available today, it can be hard to know where to start. Below are four of the best cloud solutions for your small business.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive cloud service for small and large enterprises seeking innovation, agility and efficiency. The platform offers over 200 cloud services, including application hosting, cloud storage, API gateway, and machine learning services. AWS is suitable for all businesses and industries. Aside from using a different fee structure, Amazon Web Services is pay-as-you-go, meaning you are charged for only the cloud services you use. The cloud-computing platform is simple, with no cancellation fees or hidden charges.

Microsoft One Drive

You can enjoy the many features of Microsoft One Drive cloud solution if you are a Microsoft 365 subscriber. The cloud service allows for storing and backing up valuable documents, videos, and pictures. You can also access and scan your documents using your phone, allow workplace collaborations, and restore data. Microsoft OneDrive boasts inbuilt protection against ransomware. You can also use a personal vault to keep your sensitive documents. A full Microsoft 365 for business package provides more features and storage. Microsoft OneDrive supports numerous third-party programs for working with cloud data effortlessly. You can try the free plan with 5 GB storage before purchasing.


Dropbox serves over 300,000 teams via its business cloud solution. A few well-known brands working with Dropbox include Under Armour, Spotify, and Expedia. Dropbox allows sharing your files with users who don’t have a Dropbox account. There is also file sharing across platforms, sync, storage, backup, and seamless integration. You can use the free plan with 2GB storage and Microsoft 365 integration. That means you can edit files directly via Dropbox. While the Plus package includes 2 TB of free storage, the standard business package includes 5 TB of storage space.

Google Drive

Google Drive is among the most famous cloud solutions in the industry. The platform offers a free solution which every small business should have. Google Drive is an excellent option for businesses looking for enhanced storage and collaboration features for their files and documents. You can easily upload, manage, comment on, and share files on Google Drive, making it accessible, collaborative, and easy to use. Additionally, Google Drive has spam and virus protection. This cloud storage solution offers data encryption, assisting you in protecting your sensitive data.

In addition to assisting your small business to survive in the present atmosphere, cloud computing may position your enterprise for success, improving your data management processes. You may consider a few cloud computing solutions to allow your business to thrive in today’s digital era.

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