5 Tips When Moving Into a Small House With Your Partner

5 Tips When Moving Into a Small House With Your Partner

Living on your own means you’re in control; you make the big decisions, and there’s no one to consult before making a choice. Living with a partner is a different story. You two want to strengthen your love and relationship by moving in together! However, you may be getting started on this journey in a small house.

These tips for moving in with your partner can help you build a strong foundation and a beautiful future.

Avoid Shoving All Your Belongings Into the House

Don’t try to stuff everything you own into the house. If you’ve both lived on your own previously, you most likely have two sets of everything! Compromise on what you will keep in the house and what items you’ll donate. This is a great process to avoid cluttering the little space you have available.

A storage unit is another option if there are items you cannot part with but don’t have space in the house for. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe and ready to go whenever you need them!

Discuss the Purpose of the Rooms Before Moving In

Partners should be on the same page. Moving in together isn’t a simple endeavor. Make the move seamless by discussing the function of each space beforehand.

An example scenario is a house with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a backyard. Does one of the bedrooms need to be a home office, or is it a great location for gaming consoles? Will the bedrooms or the living room have a TV?

Establish Chore Expectations Beforehand

Another aspect to discuss before moving in is chore expectations. Everyone grows up with different household responsibilities. As adults, you each have your own habits of living.

Moving in together combines each of your living patterns. You should discuss how you’ll divvy up chores for a smooth adjustment. Perhaps the person who doesn’t cook dinner will do the dishes. Maybe you’ll each stick to your own laundry responsibilities.

Maximize the Space in the Garage

Is the garage a space to store unwanted junk? Is it a designated location for repairs? Regardless of the purpose you assign to it, ensure there’s meaningful intention to the garage’s design.

Use accurately labelled storage tubs. Add cabinets for increased organization. And if you absolutely need to, consider transforming the garage into a space intended for alone time.

It’s challenging to find time by yourself in the house when there isn’t an extra room to go to. If you absolutely need separate spaces, consider using the garage. There are pros and cons of creating a living space in the garage that you can weigh to see if it’s worth it for you. It’s an unconventional yet potentially beneficial idea when space is limited.

Don’t Go Overboard on Décor

One of the beautiful things about moving into a small house with your partner is that you can customize it to be entirely your own. Each piece of furniture, knick-knack, and picture frame is yours to share.

Nevertheless, you should remember there isn’t abundant room for all the décor you desire. When you see something special that you love, bring it home. The key is to buy a few items gradually so that your small house doesn’t become overwhelmed with décor.

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