Top Signs Your Business Has Outgrown It’s Original Team

Top Signs Your Business Has Outgrown It's Original Team

When you first started up your business, you may have started it by yourself. As time went on and your needs grew, so did your team, and this is the team that you started with that you trusted the most from the very beginning. The problem is that a startup team isn’t always going to be your end game. Yes, this is the team that helped you to get off the ground, but if you have outgrown your team, then you need to be looking beyond who you originally hired and start upgrading.

It’s not disloyal to want to upgrade your team as time goes on because as your business needs change, so does your need for the people that you have in the forefront. A misalignment can lead to stagnation within your business, and that’s the last thing that you want because you want a happier workforce. Bringing a fresh perspective can help you to avoid your business falling into the trap of bankruptcy or closure while there are excellent help options for those who are looking to be liquidated in the form of, sometimes just by changing up your team can make a big difference. The problem is that you need to be able to see the signs that your business has outgrown the original team and that it’s time to have a fresh perspective. So let’s take a look at 7 signs that your business is ready to start hiring again after the initial team was brought on.

You’ve really shifted the structure of your company. In the beginning, the people that you hired were there to get your business off the ground, and as you have grown, you’ve noticed that the way your company is structured needs a shake-up. Sometimes it’s not just about outgrowing people, but it’s about bringing in new talent, new changes and better choices. You always benefit from the talented people at the beginning because you have such a small team that people have to wear a lot of hats, and they also have to wear them well. But as you grow, you need more specialized attention. Original employees may find that they prefer to grow into a specialized role, but others may want to move on and stay, being a generalist to help other businesses grow.

You Don’t Seem To Be Innovating Like You Used To

It’s always exciting when you first start your business because the ideas are flowing and people can get their creative juices going. But when those same ideas are no longer giving you the same returns, it’s time for a change. You can still salvage your team when this happens because with good leadership you can put the course back onto its correct path, but the problem is that if, despite their best efforts, innovation is still stalling, then you need to give the team a shake and bring in somebody new.

Your Employees Just Don’t Seem as Passionate As They Used To

If you’re constantly having to handhold or reignite the passion of your employees when they are busy working, it may be a sign that they’re getting bored with what they’re doing. This is always going to be the case in a business because people want to be able to innovate and grow, but if that has stalled, that means your employees are not going to be as passionate as they used to be. It doesn’t make people a bad hire if they’re starting to get bored, but it does mean that they need to have stimulation, and if you’re not giving that then there’s every chance that the role itself has outgrown them.

You Are Struggling to Keep Up With Demand

If you optimize your workflows and your productivity and yet you still can’t keep up with the demand, then you definitely need to outgrow your current team and expand even further. It’s easy to start with a lean staff model But that’s not always sustainable as time goes on. Of course, your business wants to grow and you like the fact that you are having more and more demands on your service. But if you can’t keep up with them, what’s the point?

You’re Finding it Difficult to Understand Your Customers

If your original employees who helped you start up the business have lost touch with what your customers want, then there’s every chance that you’ll be seeing signs that they are struggling to meet the customer’s needs. This is a sign that you either need to invest better in training or hire new people who will be able to give you what your business requires. You need to consider customizations as well as catering to the new and unique needs of your customers. If your first round of employees doesn’t seem to get that, then you need a fresh pair of eyes that can bring a new perspective.

They’re Not Moving On from That Startup Mentality

Employees need to do more than just be the beginning team in a new business. Startup mentality is no longer relevant because you’re no longer a startup, you are growing and changing, and your employees have to evolve with it. If they can’t change their mindset after you have successfully established yourself, then they need to either shift their priorities into moving on or they need to leave the business.

The Performance Is Lacking

Whether they are over performing or underperforming is irrelevant. The point is, that you need your team to perform at the right level. There will always be individuals who will avoid growth and change because of the way things have always been done, but employees who get it will be those who change with the times and innovate with you. If the performance isn’t right, then you have to evaluate how that’s going to affect your business over the long term. And while something can be said for loyalty, you have to remember that that goes both ways.

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