Used Cars: Are they worth it?

Actually they are!

Since I had my driving license, I had brand new cars. Fresh and with that new scent, all lovely till I get them out of the car stand and their value would reduce to a third of what I had bought them, like 5 minutes ago.

Don’t think that having a brand new car means that you have warranty or that everything will be smooth and no problems! By all means…Erm… no!

I had a very bad experience with a very expensive brand and that was it.

A used car from a trusty car seller brings warranty as well as a smooth up and running motor. You just need to pick up a good car stand and follow the next tips.


Car Stand

Let’s start by it. a Good trusty seller. Millions of stories are told, but actually is not like that 90% of the times. I’ve met several trusty sellers.

My advice in buying an used car is actually be in a Car stand, not to an individual person.

For example you can find used Fiat cars from KAP Motor Group in Brighton , with all the excellent conditions. If you don’t know something, just need to ask.

Test Drive

A way on knowing the car has “noises” (and no raccoon is hidden in the chassis), if the brakes work properly, the state of the interior and last MOT done. All these questions are important, so make sure you drive the car with the seller and make those questions.


Technical Specs

fuel consumption, engine, transmission, all of the working properly and efficient? Check them.


Petrol or Diesel

One is more expensive than other: Diesel is more expensive; but Diesel tank, also covers more miles that a Petrol car. It depends on the function of the car (commute, long travels) and your budget. Just a quick thing: Diesel is much more damaging to our climate than petrol.



If it’s automatic or manual shift/transmission, if it brings air conditioning, how many airbags it has, isofix (for parents), trip computer or not, stereo, alloy wheels, etc. Check if they work and what do you need in the car.


Year vs Mileage

If a car is new but has too much mileage. Test Drive in any case!


A used car, in todays world, is not a bad option, is an excellent option. A cheaper way of having a, probably better car, than buying a new one for the double of the price with less features or equipment.

Just a fun fact: Did you know that Buying a new car is the second biggest buy of your life? Being the first buying a house.



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