Weekend Activities to Bring Your Family Together

There’s something special about family. A group of people that are so different yet so similar, sharing a moment of their life as they grow up together. Between the strict schedule, school, and other activities, it’s easy to forget to spend time as a family. 

Your family is your team. They support you just as any other team does. One way to strengthen this is by bringing everyone together through focused and fun activities. While you may only see team activities as something for birthdays, working together as a family on something will really reinforce those bonds.

Remove the family feuds for a moment and unite through fun activities that require a team mindset!



A game that requires strategy, planning, focus, and agility, paintballing will take your family outdoors and into a game of elimination. 

Paintballing is typically in a forest setting where you’ll have lots of places to hide and plan your game of attack. You’ll be given your protective armour –paintballs hurt–, a certain number of gelatin balls to shoot your opponents with and an m4a1 gel blaster to really get you into character. 

This team strategy activity is fast-paced, so you have to work as a team and boost each other’s energy to get through it – the adrenaline alone will be enough! 



We live in a digital world. Taking things back to basics is hard, so much so, you may even forget how to do it. Camping is the original team-building activity. It’s time to disconnect, get in touch with nature, spend time together, and test out some survival skills. 

From putting up a tent to making a fire and cooking in the wild, camping teaches your family simple skills that they carry with them for the rest of their lives. Once you’re set up, hiking, swimming, and most importantly, getting away from cell phones and computers will be a refreshing, and perhaps challenging change for everyone. 

Camping is an intimate experience that brings out the need for some innovation. Entertain yourselves through silly games, cards, trivia, and learn how to be out in the wild.


Escape Room

The ultimate test in teamwork. Escape Rooms are becoming popular all across the world for their innovative approach to real-life games. 

The escape rooms are designed to create an immersive experience that will take you into another world. This can be anything from WWII to ancient discoveries and magic: you can choose your theme based on the interests of your family members. You’ll be given a scenario, a series of puzzles to solve to get out, and 70 minutes to do it.

Escape Rooms build up an ability to deal with situations under pressure together. They encourage everyone to use their skills to their advantage to get out, whether that’s problem-solving, finding things, or completing tasks quickly. You have to do it together, or you will lose the game. 

Between the strategizing and adrenaline of running around in team-based activities, you’re building a bond that won’t break while making memories with your loved ones. When you take part in family-orientated games, your children learn how to build relationships with others and take on these valuable skills for the rest of their lives.


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