What Are the Most Important Components of Your Building

What Are the Most Important Components of Your Building

Commercial buildings—whether they be schools, government offices, businesses, hospitals, etc.—must have some components to ensure everything is safe and up to code.

Some are more necessary for daily operations, while you hope you’ll never have to use others. Read on to learn more about the most important components of your building.



Everyone takes bathrooms for granted. You always need to use one that’s conveniently right around the corner. Now, imagine if there were no bathrooms in the building. Or there is one, but it is a single stall in the basement. A building without bathrooms is not one that anyone wants to work or spend time in, and it is even illegal not to have accessible bathrooms.

The bathrooms must be there, but you should still appreciate them. Additionally, suppose you are in the middle of constructing your own building. In that case, you should place great importance on the bathroom—a good bathroom is a small quality-of-life improvement everyone deserves.


Fire Alarm Systems

The fire alarm system is an essential component of your building that you don’t think about until something goes wrong. Without these systems, a fire could run rampant throughout your building as you struggle to find the proper exits. These fire alarm systems detect things such as smoke and carbon monoxide and then alert the building that something is wrong and they must evacuate. There are also hand pull stations to trigger the alarm if it is not already responding correctly. Once the alarm system goes off, you’ll likely hear sirens and bright lights, alerting everyone in the building to leave.



Another component of your building that you may not think is as important are the windows. Windows don’t have too many structural benefits for the actual construction of the building, but they bring many benefits to the people inside the building. Artificial light is excellent for improving visibility within a space, but it can hurt people overall.

This artificial light disrupts the body’s natural circadian rhythm and does not help produce the melatonin that natural light helps to produce. Melatonin assists in sleep, boosts the immune system, and helps with the functioning of essential organs. Without windows, the human body would be severely deprived of this light and suffer as a result.

The most important components of your building are those that you often don’t even think about or blend into the background. If they make a big show of themselves, they’ll lose their importance, and appreciating them will become much more challenging. Give these components some love, attention, and thank them for the safety and comfort they bring to your building.


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