What changed with Coronavirus?

The right answer? Everything.

No one ever thought that staying at home would be this incapacitating, as well as going “outside” as scary.


Explaining to my kid

I explained my 5 year old what was going on, without giving too many details as he normally stresses a bit when we emphasize something too much.

I explained Richie that we couldn’t go out because the little bugs, somewhat similar to the “flu sickness”, were outside, and we couldn’t give kisses or handshakes, or even go to the park and have fun on the slide.

We should always wash our hands a “wayyyy lot more” than we did and sometimes use a bit of gel with alcohol and rub really well.

Also, he couldn’t go to school, or play with his friends and cousins, and simply we couldn’t go to the store or market. If someone needs to go, is just mommy or daddy.

We are by now 3 weeks into this, as the country we are living now, entered in state of emergency.

Thankfully his pre-school/Reception teacher is always in contact via whatsapp with weekly schedules or learning, a plan of reading or music to learn as well as giving some works to do. Everyone is doing their thing at home, and for me working in copywriting and translations for over than a decade, is actually same old life.

My concern is actually with Richie, and all of us at home (we are 5 right now) and our mental health.

Talking with the other parents from school (via whatsapp) we agreed to share normally pictures of the kids, so they could see each other or even send audio files with them talking.


My side:

As an adult, my concern is not getting the virus. Is what comes out of it. Economy and Food.

The lack of government to respond quickly to businesses locking down, or laying off as they are saying, and saying they are supporting all the businesses… while only giving money (??? lending at a maybe high rate) in June (till then everyone starves and loses their home). This is what scares me the most.

The economy is going into a recession that only happened after a war (lest just think about the 30s from last century).


What we have been learning that we cannot forget after all this ends:

  • This will eventually happen more often (virus, lockdowns, etc)
  • The Media are responsible for fake news, and we should all keep updated but aware that we need to know about everything and everywhere (open minded)
  • Always have a reserve of food (canned food, water, pasta, rice, etc)
  • Have a supply of power available (till now it didn’t happen – knock on wood – but never too late to have a bunch of powerbanks and generators)
  • Have a stash of medicine at home for emergencies including masks and gloves! (the insanity of prices)
  • Repeat all the list above and add patience.


Family Time

I have been working from home for more than 11 years now. It’s normal for me to stay at home and divide my attention between my little one and my house chores and family time.

But this time, I don’t have the “me” time to go out with my friends for a coffee. To be honest, it won’t bother me much as nowadays we have all the ways to communicate.

What affects me more is watching my beloved ones going lower on their mood, and find ways to cheer them up. But there are days that I cannot make them happy or have patience at all. After all, I am human right?

For example, with Richie I have been homeschooling. That was a subject that I always thought about it, but as I was always a social person at school, I wanted Richie to experience that side. And he is actually just like me. Has his friends, loves his school and loves his teacher. What happens now? Will they return to school? Will he see his teacher and friends again?

All of this is a Yes and Yes, as we got our WhatsApp group, and we talk and film and send pictures daily, and the kids can hear their friends via audio messages. I have bought a bunch of books for Richie to write and learn, but also we talk and watch movies and read books about a lot of themes. Broadening up the subjects.


This will be ok, we don’t know when, but they will be. 

Be safe!


How are you feeling where you live?

Comment below your country or city and tell us what is going on and keeping us updated.



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