What is Right and Wrong in Blogging World

I have been writing since I was a kid.

I said it before here at Alejandra’s, I will say it again: I got my first typewriter (electric…a super new stuff) when I was 9 years old. I still have it. It is white, and the first story I wrote, like a proper story, was about a skeleton (hey… I always had a thing for horror). The clack clack of the buttons always made me feel in my world and comfortable. Books, reading and writing is an Alejandra’s world.

In terms of Blogging, I have been doing this for more than 10 years. Old School.


What is a Blogger or what is Blogging? 

A Blog is short for Web log. Is logging information or writing about something.

You write online? You’re weblogging, therefore, blogging (for short). I know people that say that aren’t bloggers even though they write online and have jobs regarding their website. Bud, you’re a Blogger!

Like it or not, a blogger or blogging, for many is a 100% job with paid work or not.

Sometimes I am paid, others I post about the products I receive other posts are being paid to my team. Many say I have Guest Posts: they are my team, and I am proud of having them on board from several parts of the world, from US, to UK, to lovely Serbia, or beloved Australia, Vietnam, Russia, India, etc.

Many things I put online are informative, like news, and I actually like how it is written (called Press Releases) by governments or brands that I have worked previously. But I mostly get paid on my “side job” (yes, I am a freelancer for some “jobs, and have my degree) and also for affiliate links or ads on the website.


What is Right in the Blogging World

  • Being called a job. Because it is! Some people do this for work, and they are not only called Bloggers, but they are also Copywriters, writers, ghostwriters, publishers, editors, graphic designers, web designers, translators, or interpreters.
  • Being paid: As I always say: You work, you deserve to be paid. Either to write an article or to add anything else. I pay for a domain and more perks for you to read Alejandra’s, it costs money. The fees increase regarding the type of content (more media like photos or videos take more space on the servers, therefore I need more space, then I need to pay more monthly) and have my costs. So why not get paid for the content that me and my team write?
  • Getting products: There are brands that pay with money, others pay only with products, others do both.
  • Going to events or other places: Again, why not? Its always fun to know new things and meet new people. I have met a lot of bloggers, YouTubers, or influencers that are so nice and real. Why not have a bit of fun?
  • Meeting new Brands and PRs: I have my fair share of brands and PRs, but there are a couple of PRs that become my personal friends, and that couldn’t be possible without blogging.
  • Broadening horizons: Meeting, watching, seeing, visiting… having, and creating memories.


What is Wrong in the Blogging World

  • Haters: I am not fond of lashing out on social media. I am a lady y’all! As in real life, you won’t see me bringing the house down or getting into nonsense. I just turn my back and forget that person/brand exists … I turn my back but I do have the receipts (y’all!).
  • Competition for nothing: The amount of badmouthing people thinking they are competing… I once had someone ask me if I am not scared of competition. I replied saying that I don’t have competition. I believe in my work and I have not entered in any competition, so why would I be scared of competition when I don’t believe in it? Those who know me and want to work with me know where I am. Again, you won’t see me turning into a keyboard warrior.
  • Agencies that say you’re not good: I have heard that a couple of times. Does it bother me? No. At least 2 times the same agency that said that, sent me emails asking if I wanted to work on something. (crazy right?). Nah… I haven’t replied because I turned my back at them. Don’t bother sweetie, you’re doing amazing!
  • Measurements: Alexas, Google, DA, PAs, Pageviews, Users, Subs… I understand that brands want to reach a wider public. But Brands/Agencies need to understand that Bloggers are not a magazine or a TV commercial/ad. Otherwise, they would need to pay thousands, and when brands and agencies DEMAND stats, they need to comprehend who they are talking. Otherwise, turn to your BBCs and Hello Mags. As in Life: Not always the measure is in fact quality!
  • Payments: The number of times I have run after agencies to be paid. Literally run daily asking for my payment that was promised and signed for. Still, those agencies return after it… sorry door closed for you. Bad payers are bad at anything.



What is an Influencer then, you may ask? An Influencer IS NOT a Blogger. Nothing against them of course, but as I said previously, a Blogger has a space online, a web log. A platform like WordPress, their own brand, etc; and an Influencer is only using social media like Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat (if someone still uses it) or other social media account.

A blogger can be an Influencer (bloggers share on their social media accounts about their work, reviews or experiences), an Influencer can only be a Blogger when they have their Blog/Website and write online in it.

Just like a YouTuber has a Youtube account but is not a Blogger (unless they have a website).


My thoughts

The world is big and fits everyone.

So why not use common sense and be polite, because things can turn very sour quickly. And what you think is correct today, it can turn around and wipe your feet off.

Use optimism approach and have fun.


In a world that you can be anything: Be Kind! (Caroline Flack)


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