What’s on my Backpack for Travel with Kids

Hi everyone,

What’s on my backpack when i travel with my little one? Here it is!

I normally take these things, but for colder months i can take more clothing for either me or my little one (jackets, beanies, gloves, etc).

Make sure you read what your airport or the airport of your destination can let you pass through before packing.
I tend to take all the things that need to be reviewed in the airport security in the backpack, since it’s practical, easier and fast.

If your little one still drinks his milk:

Unless it’s bottled milk (like aptamil type on the go cartons), it will go through in security; if is powder and water thermos, they will test the powder. Once I even saw a mum tasting the milk in front of the security – that’s why I always traveled with some cartons of milk (make sure to put at least 2 for the trip out and then more 2 to bring back in the way back).

Snacks is a must have. Don’t rely in the airports shops. Taking some from home will make a huge difference and prevention is the word. something can go wrong: a shop can be closed or the time you’re traveling the shops can be closed or you can’t find some proper food for the kids. I have shown you some snacks, but the reality is that before going out of the house I will definitely put more things like sandwiches or fish fingers. I once was on a delayed flight at night for 4 hours… the shops were closed and there wasn’t anything for my little one to eat, but fortunately I had my “stash” and he was happy.

Make sure you know the weather for the place you’re going. even if it’s the hottest place on earth, make sure you always pack a jacket and closed shoes.

What to buy when you reach your destination?

Things like shampoo or even sunscreen it’s always better to buy on your destination. If not, make sure the sunscreen is roll on (no problem on airport) or buy those things after you went through the security.

Also make sure you see if the place you’re going have towels for the beach/pool, is a lesser thing to take.

An important thing: Kids after 2 years old count like an adult, so they can travel with the same luggage as an adult. Things like Prams/Pushchairs, travel cots and car seats, can be dispatched in the cargo (only 2 things). Some airports have complimentary pushchairs so you can dispatch yours (for example: Lisbon, Portugal, airport has those…quite handy!). Some air travel companies can let you have a backpack/purse and your hand luggage (like Ryanair) others won’t let you take anything more like your hand luggage (Monarch or EasyJet).

If you need any help let me know in the comments below.

Hope these tips are useful and now for the video.

Backpack: Madpax Backpack in Outer Space 

Makeup: Sweetsation mother and child protector (lips and cheeks)


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