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5 Essential Holidays Party Wear

December 14, 2018

The Holiday season is upon us, and the cold weather is making us go to the attic and pick up the garments from last year. But I don’t know about you, I always like to have some new trendy pieces from the actual season to go to the parties from the office and friends meetings. I gathered some of those to show you what’s trending in the shops and at an affordable price, which is always nice for our wallets since…

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Your Luxury Clothing Items Can Actually Be an Investment When you Consign with The RealReal

December 13, 2018

When you think about buying clothing, you might think about spending money. You might assume that you will never see the money that you spend on your clothing items again. When you buy luxury clothing, this can be an even bigger deal because of the higher price tags. However, clothing can actually be considered an investment, particularly when you’re buying luxury clothing items.     Make an Investment in Clothing You Can Wear in the Long-Term For one thing, luxury…

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Christmas Gifts for the Men in Your Life

November 16, 2018

Christmas is literally just around the corner. So, now is definitely the time to get ahead of things and buy some presents. If you are wondering what to buy for your boyfriend, husband, brother, son or another male relative, just read on. Below, I have pulled together a few ideas to help you to find the perfect gift for the men in your life.   Fashionable clothing     Most men like clothes. They want to look their best, so…

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Men Fashion Trend for 2019

November 13, 2018

Besides of writing about Fashion here on Alejandra’s Life, I do love to see the Men Fashion. First and foremost I have 2 men at home and I like my men to be trendy and fashionable and top clean appearance. And besides working for some Women clothing and having the best PRs working with me and exchanging Ideas, Now was the time to work with some men fashion brands.   The Trend for women this 2019 is shiny and bold, bringing…

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Big Cosmetic Trends for 2019

November 12, 2018

Big holidays are ahead of us, so if you’re thinking of stocking new purchases under the Christmas tree, you might be interested in what the main trends for the next season are! How else would you know what exactly to order from your friends and family, or what to buy for yourself? And yes, of course, we agree you deserve a present from yourself! Maybe even two. Read on to find out what the big cosmetic trends for 2019 were…

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5 Ways High Fashion Influences Interior Design

November 1, 2018

You might have not considered high fashion having anything to do with the way you design and decorate your living environment, but in reality, the way you approach the problem of building your ideal wardrobe can directly influence the designer in you to build a stylish, highly-chic interior. Much like the clothes you wear, your living environment is a direct extension of your personal tastes and preferences, and the pieces you choose to enrich your surroundings will need to speak…

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Top 10 Most Stylish Hollywood Celebrities

October 24, 2018

Celebrities may inspire us in many ways. Very often, they influence our style and choice of clothes. We often acquire celebrity posters and photos, follow our idols on Instagram in order to see what outfit they choose for different types of occasions. But what are the most stylish Hollywood celebrities? We have picked up 10 famous women, who inspire millions and set fashion trends.   Blake Lively     No matter what occasion is, Blake Lovely always looks astonishing. Being…

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Getting Cosy and Relaxing Feet

October 12, 2018

Our Feet deserves all the attention they can get. They are literally “massacred” through our entire life, with shoes that aren’t the right size/wide, with high heels, the no use of correct socks or even how we “don’t” moisturize them. We don’t give them a day off and this will lead to several health problems: from back/lower pains (the whole skeleton at any point will give you signs), from diabetes to many more. So why not have at home a couple of…

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Taking a Page from Celebrities’ Books

September 16, 2018

Nowadays, celebrities live their lives in the public eye. No matter what they do, chances are it will be caught on camera and reported on. The difference is that in the past this could be a relatively prolonged process, as we’d have to wait for the information to be put out in print. Nowadays, thanks to the dramatic improvement in communication and technology, reporting on celebs’ lives is pretty much instantaneous. The moment anyone of note does anything it will…

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