8 Tips to Know Before Going to Your Wedding Food Tasting

8 Tips to Know Before Going to Your Wedding Food Tasting

Weddings come once in a lifetime, which is why you need to get everything right. Aside from finding the perfect dress, ring, and venue, you also have to choose the right food for your wedding day. Not only does food make your wedding more memorable, but it also plays a significant role in your event’s overall success.

If you have no idea what to serve, don’t worry — that’s what wedding tastings are for. They’re designed to give you a variety of options so you can choose what food fits your theme, timeline, and taste the best. To ensure a successful wedding tasting, we’ve put together a couple of tips for you:

1. Set a Budget

Before going to your wedding tasting, sit down with your fiancé and set a budget. By doing so, you’ll be able to narrow down your options to the ones that won’t hurt your wallet. This will also allow your caterer to curate a selection of hors d’oeuvres, entrees, and desserts you can actually afford.

Be serious about what you want to serve. Do not ask your caterer to include everything on the menu for the sake of tasting it all. Remember, you aren’t there for an all-you-can-eat buffet. For instance, there’s no need to try Kobe beef if you aren’t considering adding it to your menu. Instead, trust what your caterer has put together – they’ve been in the business for a long time, meaning they know what works best for your budget.

2. Don’t Invite Everyone

It’s not uncommon for couples to invite their entire entourage to their tasting appointment. Unfortunately, too many opinions tend to cause confusion. Your mother-in-law may want lobster on the menu, but your bride tribe may think otherwise.

With that said, don’t take too many people with you as they can make it difficult to make a decision. You’ll be too focused on pleasing people that you’ll forget to consider what you want. What’s more, your caterer may charge you for inviting a very large group, so try to limit the attendance to you, your fiancé, and your wedding planner.

3. Communicate Your Vision to Your Caterer

Communication is the key to making a menu that works for your timeline and theme. Your caterer needs to know the nitty-gritty details of your wedding day, otherwise, they won’t be able to create a menu that goes with your wedding as a whole. Clearly convey your vision so they can prepare options that are sure to exceed your expectations.

For instance, if you’re saying your “I dos” during the day, you need to informer your caterer so they can curate a selection of day-appropriate food like a wedding breakfast. Or, if you’re getting married in a garden, your caterer can put together a menu that’s perfect for outdoor weddings.

4. Know What You Want

Are there any dishes that are special to you and your partner? During your dating stage, you may have shared many moments involving a variety of food that now hold a special place in your heart. One way to pay tribute to your love story is by serving this food on your big day.

Perhaps you want to serve filet mignon since your fiancé ordered that on your first date. Or, perhaps you want to eat the same salmon that you had the day you got your promise ring. Whatever it is, let your caterer know what specific items you want to include in your menu. If you find a particular food too simple, your caterer can find a way to elevate it. For example, instead of a basic burger, they can grill a wagyu burger with gruyère cheese to make it more gourmet.

5. Consider Your Guests’ Food Preferences

While you should go for the dishes that you and your fiancé love, don’t forget you also need a variety of dishes for your wedding guests. Another tip for your tasting is to consider what the people you’re inviting would generally want to eat. If they don’t have an adventurous palate, serve “safe” food that everyone is sure to love.

6. Take Note of Guests’ Allergies

Get to know your guests’ food allergies to make sure you don’t end up serving something that could send them to the emergency room. If you have friends that are allergic to peanuts, be very careful about what you include in your menu to avoid disaster. Also, consider your guests’ dietary restrictions — if you have vegan guests, it’s best to serve a variety of plant-based options.

7. Don’t Stuff Yourself

You will eat a ton of food at a tasting, so make sure there’s room in your tummy. From starters to desserts, you’ll sample it all, so don’t fill up on food beforehand. But while you shouldn’t go to a wedding tasting while you’re full, you shouldn’t starve yourself, either. When you’re hungry, everything will taste so good that you’ll want to serve it all! You’ll end up with too much food than you realistically need.

Caterers typically serve up to three dishes per course, which means you’ll eat nine dishes for a three-course meal. Even if they will serve you small portions of every course, you’ll likely still feel stuffed. Pace yourself so you don’t feel full — remember, you don’t need to finish the entire dish your caterer puts in front of you.

8. Offer Constructive Feedback

Your caterer doesn’t expect you to love everything they put on your plate. After all, that’s what wedding tastings are for — to let you explore a variety of food options. That said, if there’s something about the dish that you want to be changed, tell your caterer what you like and don’t like. You could, for example, ask your caterer to serve extra sauce or tell them not to use certain ingredients.

While it’s perfectly fine to offer your feedback, be sure to be polite. One of the worst things you can do at a wedding tasting is dissing a caterer’s dish.  It would be rude to tell your caterer that you find their food unpalatable. Plus, if you do end up working with them, imagine how awkward that will be.

Wrapping Up

You deserve nothing but the best on your wedding day. If you’re saying your “I dos” soon, follow these tips when you attend your wedding tasting. And remember, since there are no do-overs at weddings, it pays to partner with a reputable vendor.

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Article by Myrtle Bautista

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