10 Easy Things to do with a Mandoline

I was never too fond of Mandolines.

I thought they would chop my fingers off, be a huge thing to have in the kitchen occupying a space i could be using for something else, and basically another “home gadget” trend that would be used once and be put on the side (you see yourself here right?).

But no.

Mandolines are now more compact and have a finger guard and everything is very clean and efficient – at least mine is.

I prefer to buy fresh fruit and vegetables and then freeze them, so they don’t go off and be easier to use them after.

The mandoline just helped me on that, for example:

Use fresh potatoes for fries? Or make a quick shredded salad, or even slice fruit/tomatoes/cucumber? I am trying here to have a healthy life.

And because of that I gathered 10 Things to do with a Mandoline. (right now I can’t remember more…so if I remember, I will make a Part 2 post about them).

Oh by the way: I am talking about a Mandoline… not Mandolin!

This is a Mandolin

For the people that asked me on Snapchat what Mandoline I was using:

I used the Panache-Design Mandoline

(Grab this CODE for 10% off, till 31st of March ’17: Q48G-K4H5LH-9ZM3LL)

Me and my oven potato chips

1 – Fruit salads

I am not very fond of fruit salads but was missing it. Grab 1 apple, 1 kiwi, 1 orange and strawberries and slice them onto a plate, add an orange juice and some stevia. Delish!

2 – The Classic Salad

shredded vegetables are one of the main reasons I got the mandoline. Easy peasy with this. Mix a red cabbage or a carrot and so much more for a healthy colourful salad.

3 – Soups

Julienne anyone? Shred or slice the green beans for a tasty soup. Our favourite here at home is a carrot soup with thinly sliced green beans.

4 – Cakes/Muffins

We do love a good carrot or courgette cake here at home with bits. I put every ingredient in a blender and then when all the mix is done, add some shredded carrots so the bits can be tasted when the cake is cooked.

5 – Dauphinoise potatoes

A classic and easy recipe but slicing the potatoes are way to much trouble…unless you have a mandoline. Quick and easy…and tasty!

6 – Cheese

Yep…for all you cheesers out there (and here at home). A quick way of slicing or shredding for my italian food or for a wine and cheese night.

7 – Veggie Chips

Not only potato, but have you tried Beets, courgette, cucumber, carrot and our favourite here at home: Sweet potato? Slice them all, use a Tbsp of Olive oil, and put them in the oven for a healthy treat.

8 – Onions

This word….is something not very used in my house. I absolutely hate onions, I don’t buy them, If i need to use a bit I buy them pickled or in powder… BUT I am a democrat and for those who struggle for onion rings and cutting onions for salads, the mandoline is for you… (yuck!).

9 – Tomato

I always squashed the tomato trying to get the perfect slices for either a salad or a margherita pizza or even a sandwich… Not anymore. Tomatoes are excellently sliced by the mandoline.

10 – Cocktail garnish

You may have noticed by my Instagram that I normally do cocktails here at home. Start sharing those pics with these sliced lemons or limes in my cocktails!

Late entry!!

11- Banana chips!!

Why not use some banana chips? Either salty or with dark chocolate, slice it and cook it in the oven. the trick here is emerge the bananas in Iced water, several times, so it’s easier to slice them.

Do you use your mandoline this way or do you have any more ideas?

Please share with us here at Alejandra’s Life with a comment below!

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