Keep Me Going Cereals

Let me tell you a bit about Keep Me Going Cereals

they are a new company who developed ‘Keep Me Going’, as the first in the ‘Keep Me’ range… And after noticing just how much sugar and salt were in the cereals Children were eating.
The idea was to develop healthy nutritional products with functional benefits too (like low Gi) but which could be as competitively priced as the brands from Kelloggs and Nestle (Cereal Partners).
This turned out to be quite challenging and it took over 2 years to get it right. 

Compared to Special K Original (often advertised as a healthy cereal), Keep Me Going has 8 times less salt; 60% less sugar; twice the fibre; and a low Gi, similar to traditionally made porridge (instant porridge has a high Gi). 
The Gi testing was conducted by Hammersmith Hospital and involved around a dozen volunteers having their blood-sugar levels checked at regular intervals after eating the cereal over a two week period.
The product is aimed at the whole family and they thought it could appeal to children, without “disneyfying” the pack, by adding the Trading cards. The Trading cards are a fun way to engage children in particular, but also because it adds a bit of a discussion point to breakfast and some of the flag designs are really interesting, a bit like Trivial Pursuit of countries. There’s also a hidden code on the top flap which, if cracked, takes you to an off-menu page on our website with lots more information on codes and ciphers.

They are ready to launch a second product, Keep Me Strong (high protein, low salt, reduced sugar) in a few months.  

The Cereals comes in boxes of 375gr but they are currently making a 30gr size box to take in kids lunch boxes or on going.
You can currently buy it in Ocado.

I tried mine with milk, with yogurt but my favorite way is with milk and a dab of honey in it! 
You can try yogurt and some blueberries or other fruit, it will be delicious and I recommend in the morning, because you will feel full for the morning.

Check the Keep Me Going Website below

Cheerio and #keepmegoinghealthy

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