3 Easy Ways To Make Your Patio Seem Larger

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Patio Seem Larger

Does your patio feel open and inviting, or cramped and depressing? You can make your space look and feel larger without pouring any concrete or adding to your existing deck.

Transform your outdoor living space into a place you love to relax and entertain. Try these three easy ways to make your patio seem larger.


1. Use Furniture at the Right Scale

The first tip is to furnish your patio with pieces at the right scale. Having furniture that is too large eats up your floor space, and furniture that’s too small can make the space feel empty or unbalanced.

Start by measuring your patio. A small patio is between 48 and 120 square feet. Some furniture options for this amount of space include a three-piece table and chair set or a love seat with small end tables.

A medium patio measures between 100 and 256 square feet. At this size, consider outdoor sofas or a larger patio and table set. Whatever furniture you choose, make sure there’s enough room for people to walk around. Ideally, preserve about 30 inches of space between furniture pieces for people to move around in.


2. Make the Space Comfy

Another easy way to make your patio seem larger is to make it comfortable. People often make the mistake of sacrificing comfort in a small space, but you don’t have to treat comfort as a luxury.

You can add pillows or throw blankets during cooler weather to make your seating more inviting. A rug underfoot can help a space look tied together and makes the ground softer.

You can control the mood of your patio with music and lighting. Install an outdoor sound system or use wireless speakers. Integrating technology into your patio design is a great way to create a modern outdoor living space. And for simple lighting with warm ambience, light stylish outdoor candles or tabletop torches.


3. Grow Plants

Plants can soften the look of your hardscape patio. Save on space with small, tabletop potted plants such as succulents. Or, if you have a covered patio, hang plants from the ceiling to make use of vertical space.

One modern approach to incorporate greenery on the patio is to create a wall of plants. A vertical garden makes a lush backdrop without taking up much space. Choose plants that will grow well in the area’s light conditions. You can construct the frame for the garden wall with PVC pipe to keep it lightweight. Build and hang the frame before planting anything, and when the growing season is over you can easily pull the frame back down.


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