4 Tips for Finding Love in a Pandemic

Love is difficult to find at the best of times. When you’re single and on the hunt for romance, it never seems to materialise. Or you have to wade through a horde of unsuitable matches just praying that you’ll finally land on the perfect partner. 

But with a global pandemic in full swing, it’s even more difficult to make a connection. Lockdowns are in place across the globe and social distancing regulations are dictating our every move. When we can’t even hug our parents for fear of spreading a deadly virus, how can we form a romantic attachment with a complete stranger?

Coronavirus has forced us to change our behaviour in many ways to adapt to our new circumstances. The way we work and socialise has transformed in order to keep ourselves and others safe. And there is no reason why dating can’t be the same. Although you might not be able to sidle up to a good looking stranger in a crowded nightclub anytime soon, there are still ways to meet new people in a Covid-safe manner.

To help you on the path to lifelong romance, here are four tips for finding love in a pandemic.


Get online

If you’re used to meeting people at work, events, or nights out, it may be some time before you can get back into the swing of things. But there are ways to put yourself out there without even leaving the house. If you haven’t yet dipped your feet into the world of online dating, there has never been a better time to try.

Apps like Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge are all quick and efficient methods of finding suitable matches, whereas dating websites like Plenty of Fish allow you to really learn about potential partners before speaking to them. Alternatively, there are phone chatlines where you can meet people, some of which (such as https://thechatlinenumbers.com/gay) are tailored to different preferences and identities.


Have virtual dates

Once you have found a potential suitor, it’s time to start planning your first date. It doesn’t matter that you can’t meet in a bar or watch a movie in your local cinema, as tools like Zoom allow you to get together virtually. Get to know each other before you meet in the flesh.


Head outdoors

Despite social distancing guidelines, it’s still safe to meet people outdoors if you are careful. So why not take your date outside and go for a leisurely walk or a coffee in the park? Just make sure to keep your distance and fight the urge to lean in for a hug or kiss at the end.


Be safe

People have different comfort levels about interacting with others at the moment, and you may find that one of you is more cautious than the other. Communicate with each other about your boundaries and make you respect one another’s wishes. If things become serious you may wish to consider taking things further, but be safe at all times and don’t rush in headfirst.



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