5 Best Travel Destinations With White Sandy Beaches in USA

The United States of America features some of the best destinations the world has to offer when it comes to sunny beach holiday locations. After the devastating effects of the covid-19 pandemic, travel enthusiasts can now enjoy the pleasures of packing their bags and enjoying warm sunny days on white sandy beaches.

Maui, Hawaii

The first destination on our list is Maui, Hawaii. This island was once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom and still has traces of its rich culture in its architecture and music. The beaches here are beautiful, with soft sandy shores that stretch for miles along both coasts of this tropical paradise.

When you visit, you can experience a variety of water sports, including scuba diving, surfing, snorkelling or simply lounge under an umbrella while enjoying some delicious coconut ice cream!


San Diego, California

Next up, we have San Diego County in Southern California. Known as “America’s Finest City” by locals, it houses half the United States Navy fleet and serves as headquarters to four major military branches. Army, Air Force Space Command (AFSPC), Navy Fleet Forces Command (NFFC) and the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. San Diego is perfect for those who love outdoor activities as it has more than 300 miles of coastline, with both rugged cliffs to sandy beaches on one side and calm shores on the other.

Finally, if you’re looking for some time out from running around, this city offers a range of resorts where guests can enjoy spas or live music while overlooking beautiful scenery!


Miami, Florida

Next up, we have Miami Beach in Florida. This popular tourist destination features white sand that stretches along its coast, giving visitors plenty of space to lay back and relax without feeling cramped next to their neighbours or going too far away from amenities like bars, restaurants, shops, etcetera.

This should be on top of your list of future Florida holidays. It also has various activities that can be enjoyed on the beach, including paddle boarding, snorkelling, or simply catching some waves.


Honolulu, Hawaii

The last destination on our list is Honolulu, Hawaii. The capital of the state and a primary gateway to many other islands in the Pacific Ocean. If you’re looking for some sun-kissed beaches, then this place has it all! You can enjoy your time swimming at Waikiki Beach or surfing along with locals while taking advantage of any free activities like hula lessons.

In addition, Lei made workshops or just explored historical sites like Iolani Palace, which served as the royal residence until 1893 when King Kalakaua was overthrown by American troops who created a Republic government.


Newport County, Rhode Island

Lastly, we have Lido Beach in Newport County, Rhode Island. This destination is America’s oldest and has been known as an idyllic retreat since 1878 when John D Rockefeller Jr bought it for his family to enjoy during the summer months. Today you will find that this area still retains its charm with gently rolling hills perfect for long bike rides or walks along the water while taking in views of sailboats drifting lazily across tranquil blue seas.

With so many beautiful beaches within driving distance, you are sure to find your place where days can slip seamlessly into evenings spent gazing at distant stars!


These beautiful destinations most definitely have the potential of catering for your next holiday destination, whether alone or with your family.


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