Beond: Organic Paleo Bars by Pulsin

While in the BBC GoodFood Show, I came across several brands (which means I will be letting you know some foodie tips that I learned) and Pulsin was one that I wanted to try and it looked so delicious that I have to show you.

Pulsin is a British brand that has a vast range from Bars to protein powders and snacks for all ages and people and a LOT of success…and for what I’ve tried: Pulsin you’re going even farther… to the infinity and beyond.

Great taste, great selection of ingredients and a thing I liked a lot: great prices for great quality.

The Beond Bars are the new Organic Snacks by Pulsin.

They were released in 2012 and they are Raw and Paleo friendly, Dairy free, vegan, soya free, gluten free and certified organic.

Each bar counts as your 1 a day and they are absolutely delicious!

I like to try the most strange things and this Pineapple and Baobab is amazing! (if you’re wondering what a Baobab is, is a Superfood fruit. Antioxidant and excellent for our immune system).

IMG_3231 IMG_3232

Eating the Apple and Cinnamon is like eating an apple pie… yum!!

I am now looking for the chocolate one… going going…gone!

Excellent snacks! Recommend it definitely!!

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Thank you to Pulsin
My Opinion is Honest and Unbiased

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