5 Essential Commands Every Canine Should Know

5 Essential Commands Every Canine Should Know

Training a dog takes time and dedication, but it’s absolutely necessary. Without proper training, a dog can be a handful and possibly even dangerous. Fortunately, most dogs are ready to learn from their owners. And when they are, these five essential commands every canine should know will be a breeze.

1) Take a Seat

Without learning to “sit,” the rest of your pup’s discipline training can go out the window. It may not be the most exciting command in the world, nor will it bring you as much joy as them shaking your hand would, but a dog that cannot sit is a dog that will get on your last nerve.

The primary reason why “sit” is the first command a dog should learn is because it keeps everyone safe. When dogs obey a “sit” command, they stay out of harm’s way, whatever that harm may be. “Sit” is also helpful to keep them in one place, particularly if they are a muddy mess and you don’t want them to drag muck through the house. You can begin to train your dog at as early as five months, so make sure they have “sit” well under control shortly after that time.

2) Stay, Stay, Stay

A “stay” command is another “sit” variation, as it keeps your pup in one spot rather than running about. Without “stay,” your dog’s free spirit may dash through an open door or challenge a squirrel to a duel.

They should know how to stop when they hear you say it. If not, their jovial exuberance might get you in trouble if they nestle up next to the wrong person, bark up the wrong tree, or cross the road on a whim.

3) Make ‘Em Look

Dogs don’t often have the greatest attention spans, as Dug displayed in the animated classic Up. Because of their short attention spans, they can lose their focus very easily, making it important for them to learn to look at you and block everything around them out.

When your furry friend listens to your “look” command, you can teach them plenty of more advanced tricks because you’re the only thing in the world that matters. “Look” is an essential command for those in the training world, although it’s still beneficial for the domesticated hound.

4) Leave It Behind

Even the most well-adjusted doggo can occasionally be a “bad” boy or girl. When your dog gets a hold of something they shouldn’t have, “leave it” is a critical command. This command is important because you never know what they will put in their mouths. Whether it’s a dead rodent or a poisonous plant, it may only take a few seconds before they are in danger. When a dog knows how to leave things behind, staying out of trouble will become second nature, and your pup won’t even bother in the future.

5) Come Back, Be Here

You’ve had your dog sit, stay, look, and leave things behind, so it’s time for them to get their pets and “come” towards you, finally. The thinking behind “come” is the same as “sit” and “stay,” but this time, you will be the shield of defense if safety is a primary concern. “Come” is useful when a dog escapes, breaks off their leash, or goes darting towards that same squirrel as before.

With these five essential commands, every canine should know, you can shower them with all the love and kisses for being the best dog in the world. Just remember to reward them with treats for their good behavior!

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