Family Meals at Tom’s Kitchen Restaurant

Family Meals are important to us.

Either at home or in a restaurant, our little family deserves a good meal, in a quiet place to talk about everything.

We went to Tom’s Kitchen at the Mailbox, in the heart of Birmingham, for a real meal in a good ambience for families.

Situated in a cosy space, there is a fusion of “Home” Kitchen with a restaurant, divided into spaces with different decor but all with a homely feeling.

We went there at the end of July (please see notes by the end of this post) to a promotion that Tom’s Kitchen was making regarding Kids Holidays, in which they helped parents with a Kids Eat for Free Menu. During the Summer holidays, Tom’s Kitchen made a promotion in which Kids would eat for free with a respective adult present.

It was a brilliant campaign, helping parents to have a good family meal. The Kids Menu was amazing and I think this initiative made all the difference to their space and to us parents: every help is a good help, right?



The quality is a 5 star quality. Food and drinks and really to be praised and the chef and staff were brilliant, professional and really nice.

Note: This is nowhere biased. Don’t trust me? Then go there are get your own opinion, and tag me online (@AleLifeOfficial). I have a motto in my life: Be happy and smile and you will get in return. Being happy will make everything so positive and including food will taste heavenly. On Tom’s Kitchen, I didn’t need that. They have the quality and professionalism to deliver a good meal and make the proper ambience to enjoy it. 


Let’s start shall we, delight your eyes on this!



For the adults: Gin and Tonic (Obvs!) and a Dirty Martini

Richie: Fresh squeezed orange juice. He even had a goodie bag given by Tom’s Kitchen staff with activities inside. Ask for your little one as well.





Mine and Richie: we do enjoy our Foie Gras especially with Brioche bun made in the restaurant. Accompanied by a fruity jam (everything is homemade in the restaurant), it was a delicious start for our meal. Soft, creamy and really tasty. You can notice when your Foie Gras is fresh.

Hubby: let’s just say he wanted to order more even though this portion was amazingly big! The truffle oil is always a nice add-on but I never had added it to Mac and Cheese.






Red Wine and fresh Apple, Carrot and Ginger smoothie for me.



My salmon was delicious. Fresh with that Spanish hint from the chorizo and saffron sauce, the couscous on point, and all the seafood flavour. Really enjoyable. I asked for a side of vegetables for us all, as I normally do at home.

The Lamb was absolutely to die for. The Lyonnaise potatoes were also on point, crispy but smooth. The lamb was perfectly done and the meat would almost fall apart.

The Kids mini burger, of Mini, has nothing! The burger size is a size I have eaten in other restaurants for a normal adult. Of course, Richie loved it! I tasted it as well, who doesn’t love a fresh burger with hot buns? It was a good portion and really well presented.





By this time, we were full.

Ice Cream for children: The children’s menu had several ice creams (as Summer was being hard in the UK) but we always have the problem of Richie being Lactose Intolerant. No problem whatsoever. The Restaurant had a non-lactose ice cream, and by the way, Richie ate it without complaints, it was delicious! Is always nice to know a restaurant cares about allergies. If you have any allergies, just speak with the staff and everything will be sorted out for you to have a great time.

Mine: I simply cannot deny a warm Rhubarb pie! Just writing this, I wished I had one! Pasty was perfect. Homemade pastry, not crumbly, a perfect pie pastry with a delicious fresh rhubarb filling, accompanied by a vanilla ice cream.The mix of heavens. (p.s – want more!)

Hubby: The 4 layer Mousse with Peanut Brittle was one of those desserts we didn’t know it existed. Several layers of mousse, from milk chocolate to dark chocolate, with firm custard layer and a peanut brittle, was beyond expectation. And it was high, believe me. It’s something to really be tasted of how good this tasted. Not drama, reality!



I don’t think the campaign for Kids Eat for Free is on anymore, but hopefully, it can be again.

Still, we will definitely visit Tom’s Kitchen for more family meals and we loved being there, not only for the place itself but especially for the great taste.


Note: This review was made at the beginning of August, but as many of you know, my previous Hosting company deleted almost 2 months of work (their fault, as per agreement with them). Bear with me while I try to put everything online. 

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