5 New Habits to Make You Feel Good About Yourself

By Emma Williams


More often than not, you may feel like you didn’t work to your full potential, which can consequently lead to you feeling unhappy and have a low opinion of yourself. Unless you gain some new perspective, you’ll start to see the world around you as the one in which you have no control over your life.

However, you’d be wrong because the only person who can truly be responsible for the way you look at life and happiness is you. It’s essential that you have a positive self-view because it will help you feel better about yourself, think happier thoughts, and even affect the way you behave.



Learn something new every day

If you’re not having enough work during the day to keep you busy and productive, suddenly you may start feeling like you’re not contributing enough to the world. Thoughts as such can potentially lead to self-loathing, and before you know it, you’ll feel nothing but pity for yourself.

Therefore, whenever you find time to improve yourself, think about learning something new. Be it a skill or discovering new information – as long as you’re acquiring new knowledge, you’ll feel like you’ve made one big step after another.

Read books, watch educational shows, sign up for a class, and you’ll be one step closer to making a huge change in your life.


Be kind

They say that you attract what you radiate, so why not radiate kindness in order to attract kindness as well. Saying good morning to your neighbour, or apologizing when you bump into someone at the supermarket can only make you feel and look good too. Even when you feel like you’re at your lowest, smile, offer a kind gesture to others and don’t allow your crankiness to get the best of you.

Your smile will make someone else’s day brighter, and that’s two positive outcomes in a single day, so why not give it a shot. If you start being compassionate, you’ll soon start experiencing positive emotions, such as joy, amusement and serenity more often than before. Positive thoughts, lead to a happier life, so stop looking down at yourself, and start making every day better than the one before.



Give up smoking

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, smoking kills almost 19,000 Australians every year. This bad habit is also responsible for 9.0% of the total burden of disease in Australia. Further research from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare suggests that tobacco contributes 22% of the cancer burden. That’s more than enough for everyone who indulges this bad habit, to stop smoking, or at least switch to e-cigarettes at first. Not only will this move save one’s health but their appearance as well.

No more stinky clothes, yellow fingers and bad smoker’s breath. Switching to electronic cigarettes will be more affordable because you can find nicotine e-liquid in Australia at very reasonable prices. Vaping will also help prevent heart problems and strokes. Eventually, using e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking for good, which should be your ultimate goal.



Watch what you eat

Having a healthy and balanced diet should be your priority. Healthy eating habits lead to better mood and offer you more energy than junk food. Avoid mood-crashing foods high in fat, sodium, or sugar, but focus on eating fruits, vegetables and proteins to make the best of your days.

You’ll feel more positive and energetic if you start making meals which contain nutrients. Your mental health will improve greatly too, helping you to overcome all the stress that everyday life brings.


Breathe in some fresh air

According to a study, spending time outdoors will decrease your cortisol levels, blood pressure and heart rate. More precisely, forest therapy has been shown to significantly relieve stressful states.

Therefore, try to find at least 30 minutes every day to allow yourself to enjoy the outdoors and instantly lift your mood. Whether it’s a walk in the park, hiking with friends, or maybe sitting by the river and listening to the water flowing, you’ll allow your thoughts to settle and your mind to refresh from everyday hustle and bustle.


Final thoughts

Feeling good about yourself isn’t always a given. Sometimes you have to work for it, but it’s the work that will pay out most of any other.

Learn, stay active, eat healthily, be kind and give up vices to be one step closer to feeling good about yourself. It will be a small leap for mankind, but a huge step for you as an individual.


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