5 Tips for Choosing a Color for Your Front Door

5 Tips for Choosing a Color for Your Front Door

One of the first things people see even before they enter your home is your front door. It can set an expectation of what they can expect from the rest of your house. If you plan to repaint this part of your home soon, here are five tips for choosing a color for your front door.

Look at Your Surroundings Your front door is one of the factors that affect your home’s curb appeal, so it is essential to pick a color that is a good fit for it. One way you can do that is by looking at the environment around your house for inspiration.

For example, you may see greens and browns naturally surrounding your home that would look good on your front door. It might even make your home look like part of this environment.

Try the Classics

Another tip for choosing a color for your front door is to choose one of the classics in house painting. For example, you can select from neutrals like black, brown, or gray or more colorful neutrals such as deep red or navy blue. You may even want to stain your front door’s color, which can help highlight the grain pattern of a wood door.

Take Inspiration From Your Interiors

You can also take inspiration from your home’s interior when painting your front door. Choose a color that will give visitors a hint of what they may expect to see when they enter the home. However, make sure you pick a color you like that can also stand on its own.

Don’t Match the Trim

It is also important when choosing the color of your front door to ensure that it does not match the color of your trim. If you do, you will miss a perfect opportunity to accentuate the color of your door with another that contrasts with it.

Match With Your Garage Door

Finally, if you want to create a unified look for your property, consider matching the color of your front door with your garage door. You can also create the same statement using a color a few shades away. But if the color clashes with some of your other exterior features, such as your home’s siding and trim, it is probably best to try something else.

These tips can help you find the right color to make an impression with your home. It is also good to be careful when choosing a color since it may help you when it comes time to sell your home someday.

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