6 Signs Your Current Home is Too Small

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Inevitably, a growing family may make a home seem cramped. Your family’s bonds may suffer if you continue to cram into a small space. Putting your home on the market is a big decision, and you want to be sure you’re making the best choice possible. Here are 6 telltale signs your current house is too small for your family.


6 Telltale Signs Your Current Home is Too Small

The love for a home, like any other affection, may fade with time. There are times when the place you previously considered your safe haven, where you felt most at ease, joyful, and protected, no longer serves those purposes for you. A possible cause is a shift in your way of life. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current residence, or you’re simply ready for a change. There are instances when, for whatever reason, relocation is the only option for improving one’s quality of life. Here are some of the most common signs that it’s time to move house. If you realize that you have enough space, you can find more house storage inspirations on Alejandra’s Life, as always.


a family cooking together
If you don’t all fit in the kitchen anymore, maybe it’s time to move.


1. You feel like your house is shrinking

Feeling uncomfortable in your own home is one of the first indicators that it’s time to go. If you have just realized that it is no longer enough for your requirements, you could have picked up on a few things like:

· Cramped stacks of cardboard boxes

· A new member has been added to your family

· The days of having your kids sleep on bunk beds are over

Rearranging your home’s furniture may assist, but it won’t solve the underlying mess. It might be time to relocate at this stage.


2. You’re running out of storage space

If you live in an urban setting and your balcony serves more as storage space than a balcony, you might have a problem. If your balcony is filled with storage boxes and you have to skip through them every time you need to find something, it’s a sign to move. Experts from Safari Movers Atlanta advise that a good moving company and a few days of packing are all you need to start your new journey.


a family sitting together on the couch
Not being able to fit everyone on the couch and running out of storage space is one of the first signs your current house is too small.


3. You’re standing in a bathroom queue in your own house

It might be chaotic in the morning when both parents and their children need to use the toilets to get ready for the day. Moving to a larger home with additional bathrooms helps reduce arguments in the mornings and before bedtime if your family is often arguing over who gets to use the restroom first. It may be possible to accommodate everyone and their belongings in the common areas, but dealing with a lack of facilities presents more of a challenge.


4. No personal space

If there are too many people crammed into a too-small home, no one can find the solitude they need. Your family dynamic may suffer if you all have to live in close quarters. If you and your family have a hard time finding uninterrupted alone time due to frequent interruptions, upgrading to a larger home may be the solution. Of course, you can always look up some renovations you may have not considered and see if you could make some more space. But if it ends up being too costly, it’s better to just find a new home.


5. The kids are complaining

Small children are so much easier to keep content. They only need a small bed, some toys, and loving parents to nurture them and play with them. As they grow, their needs will grow as well. And their complaints. Suppose you have a teenager or more – good luck. They would, for sure, love to each have their own space. As you would as well. If they’re above 13 years old, it’s time that everyone gets their room and some privacy. If you don’t want to give up your room for your kid and sleep in the living room, you might want to consider upsizing your home.


a mother looking at her daughter in her room
Your kids should all have their own space.


6. Some of you need to sleep in the family room

A larger home would allow you and your family to spend quality time together without squeezing into the living room, dining room, kitchen, TV room, or any other communal area. If you and your partner have to sleep in the living room, it’s one of the most apparent signs your current house is too small. It’s about time you get your own master bedroom.

These signs your current house is too small should convince you that it’s time to sell your home. Your family has outgrown it. If you don’t want to work with a real estate agent, you may list your home for sale online. It’s recommended to exhaust all options for expanding the existing house’s living quarters before committing to a move to a bigger house.

Maybe a storage unit will help. It’s important to consider whether or not you can afford the increased responsibilities that come with a larger home. If you are ready for a change, you should start preparing furniture for the move and call a reliable moving company. You should have it ready for transport at least two days before the move. We wish you the best of luck in your search for a new home.


Article by Sally Norton


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