7 Productivity Tips For Businesses in 2021

Productivity is one of the main keys to success – and with everything that happened in 2020, it’s not surprising that businesses of all sizes are lacking. We’ve all been through a lot, and many offices are either still shut, or teams are working remotely. Figuring out how to become more productive, whatever your situation, will set your business up for future success. 

Let’s take a look at 7 productivity tips for businesses in 2021 that could help you to move forward: 


1. Improve Your Communication

Miscommunication is one of the biggest issues in businesses that can block productivity. By ensuring clear communication is the norm in your own business, you’ll ensure your whole team is on the same page. People will be able to work together more effectively, seamlessly collaborating on projects. 

It’s a good idea to create various methods of communication for specific purposes. For instance, dedicating emails to client communication and external partners, and assigning platforms like Slack for the internal communication. Collaboration software can be a huge help and ensure that everyone is on the same page without having to go backwards and forwards over emails and zoom calls. Plus, using cloud based storage ensures everyone has easy access to your documents and notes. 


2. Use Time Tracking Methods

Time tracking methods can be a game changer for better productivity, as it can easily get away from us when we just go with the flow. Productivity isn’t just getting more and more done each day – it’s getting more done with the time we have. Finding ways to improve how quickly and effectively you can do each task will ensure things take less time, without compromising on the quality of the finished result. 

In order to improve productivity with a time tracking method you need to know exactly how you’re spending your time. There are tools, for example, that can monitor how long you spend on each individual task. This way, you’ll know how long you’re spending moving towards your goals and deadlines, and how long you spend doing things like administrative tasks that aren’t exactly moving you forwards.

When you have spent time monitoring how you and your team spend most of your time, you’ll be able to see what needs to be improved and where you’re all doing ok. Which tasks need to be streamlined? You can then look into tools that are going to be essential for this, and can even find ways to automate repetitive tasks that don’t require a personal touch. 

It can also be worth using simple time tracking methods, such as the pomodoro method. This is where you complete ‘sprints’ of work for around 20-30 minutes before taking a 5 minute break. Repeat this for long enough and you will have completed a good few hours of work without burning yourself out, and you can take a longer break. However, there are more methods that could help depending on the task and the person! 



3. Use a Password Manager

Remembering passwords for different platforms isn’t just annoying, it can waste a lot of time. Forgotten passwords, resetting passwords, and spending time locked out due to a forgotten password can slow down employees. While tools and software can help you to streamline various processes, it also means you have more details and passwords to remember. Using the same password for each platform isn’t recommended either, as it’s a huge security risk. To ensure there are no issues with remembering complex passwords, using a password management tool can help. You can also use it to generate strong, new passwords when signing up to a new piece of software. You can also make it far easier to share passwords across your business with other team members. 


4. Create a Healthy Working Environment

Working with industrial builders to ensure a healthy working environment could be key for your kind of work. If you are still at work, consider the actions you can take to make the workplace a healthier place to be. You could:

  • Provide healthy snacks and meal options, as well as a refreshment area/kitchen where they can prepare their own food and eat it if they need to. Discourage eating at desks! 
  • Keep the place clean and hygienic by hiring a pro. 
  • Let in natural light.
  • Make the place attractive and comfortable, with high quality equipment, desks, and seating. 
  • Ensure each team member has their own space, as well as storage and room to do what they need to do. 

If team members are still working from home for now, it could be worth investing in them by buying them what they need to get work done at home effectively. Many business owners have had to splash out for laptops, desks, software, and other things for their team. Make sure they feel comfortable enough to come to you if they have any issues, too. 


5. Automate Tasks Wherever Possible

Automating tasks ensures that the energy of your team is only going to be spent where it is needed most. There’s an automation tool out there for most repetitive and administrative tasks, so finding the ones that work for your business is key. For example, you can find software that will post to your social media platforms automatically so all you need to do is create the posts. You won’t need to worry about checking each platform at the right times to post. HR software can help you to streamline your payment processes. There are plenty of options for businesses that need a little help. 


6. Learn To Let Go

Of course, as a business owner there are going to be times where you need to make sacrifices. It isn’t always easy to make the decision to cut the fat, but it could change your business for the better. It may also be the case that you need to learn to let go of things that are no longer serving you as an individual such as people who may be holding you back. 


7. Allocate Time For Focusing On Health 

Without top physical and mental health, we are going to struggle to be the most productive versions of ourselves. Focus on getting plenty of sleep, reducing stress levels, exercising, and eating balanced meals. Try to encourage your team to do the same – this is why providing free gym memberships and healthy options for your team is so effective.



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