Pacifier / Dummy / Binky Holder DIY

I only had a chain pacifier holder for my LO… poor him only had one and it was not so pretty but really useful, not only traveling but as well at home. 

And because i needed (“needed” a Kam Snap pliers so I could make a ton of new things at home and to fix some baby clothes gaps (you know, when they have a suit and there is a gap, which we ask why there isn’t a snap in there), these were my firsts Binky holder, super easy to make and here is the step by step and the result:

You will need:

  • Kam Snap pliers
  • Kam Snaps of a color of your choice and that matches the ribbon
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon holder (find one that would be difficult to detach from the baby clothes, otherwise the work you’ve made is ruined)
  • Lighter

With the lighter,burn gently the two eds of the ribbon so it won’t start shredding

pass the ribbon holder through the ribbon 
Place a Snap in each side, so they will close and the ribbon holder will stay

Close them, make sure you test if it really closes right

On the other end (the pacifier side) place the Snaps. Make sure you put them right and test them, or the pacifier will fell off

For my little boy, I chose the superheroes ribbons, really cute and fashionably and colorful for a lot of outfits.

Result with the Binky / Pacifier

The Final result! My little Superheroe loves them!


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