The Importance of Your Child washing their teeth

Sugar is everywhere around us. But is not the only thing that leads to tooth decay.

Have you thought about your child’s teeth?

Some years ago there was this thought that only because a child’s first teeth would fell off, parents shouldn’t worry about washing or even taking care of teeth on that period.
So wrong.

As soon as you notice your baby is teething, you should get a silicone finger toothbrush and make it a routine with your child on washing their teeth, especially at night before bed.

As they grow older, change to toothbrushes and let them try (they will eat paste, throw the toothbrush to the toilet, and so on, but they will get the notion that brushing their tooth is very important as part of their hygiene every day, so in the future the will be clean adults with good teeth.

Of course there are lot’s of causes for tooth decay:
  • sugar
  • genetics
  • illness
  • non healthy food

But that’s why Dentists exist, to help us and guide us. If your dentist can help you: change dentist!

I’ve met this Bio brand that works exclusively with Children’s teeth care called

They sent me a huge bundle for RJ and he has been using it since it arrived.

Making a toddler understand the importance of brushing the teeth is a very…hard…work, believe me, but is needed as a part of our Parenting.

First Toothbrush or Finger Brush 
(as soon as you notice the baby is teething)

First or not, toothbrushes should be changed every 6 months because of bacteria and the filaments of the brush start to bend and therefore won’t clean properly.

Proper Toothpaste for children 
This is very important since babies and toddlers will eat the toothpaste (literally)

Water cup
At first they wont need, since the fact is that you will be the one brushing their teeth and the will eat the paste, but after they lean and gain confidence, their own water cup is a good help.

Store / Traveling pouch
If you travel, even if only going to nana’s house for the night or even to store of teeth related items, so your child knows and takes care, a pouch is always a must have.

Jack n’ Jill gets our 5 star rate
Their products are really good, natural and organic. RJ agrees.

For more information on Jack n’ Jill

Is our job as a parent to help our child and specially to protect their health.
Don’t let your child’s teeth decay.

Cheerio #parentingtips
Thank you to Jack n’ Jill
My opinion is Honest and Unbiased

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