Adult Coloring Book Review – By Pomegranate

I love Art (hence my Blog name) and I do miss having more time to paint and make my music.
So I do color a lot in my spare (ish) time, and Adult coloring books are here to stay (thankfully!).

But what about a type of coloring book that can resemble like a beautiful and sturdy book, than you can show in you living room or library and still is a piece of art (besides yours of course!).

Pomegranate surprised me with this beautiful Adult Coloring Book by Tim Jeffs, with lovely detailed drawings in Black and white, for you to color.

I have to say that this is one of the best coloring books I have!

See for yourself because there are no words to describe it.

Just one thing: This is REALLY a coloring book.


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Thank you to Pomegranate UK
My review is Honest and Unbiased

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