Twistshake Bottle review

Bottle feeding your baby couldn’t be easier with Twistshake:
  • BPA-free polypropylene plastic
  • Anti-colic nipple
  • The super-mixer that resolves any lumps in the formula
  • Powder box to store formula, fruit, crackers etc. These are also stackable.
  • Easy to clean and easy gripping with its exceptional design
  • Sparkling colors! With more than one bottle you can mix the parts and create your own favourite color combination

source: Twistshake website

Twistshake will simplify your everyday life and make your days colorful!
The combination of colors make Twistshake bright and playful, and still is so easy to clean.

Twistshake has 3 different sizes and colors. RJ has the blue one.

My review on Twistshake:
I couldn’t breast feed RJ. I had a problem in the maternity and unfortunately I couldn’t breast feed him (which really made be depressed, and I thought I was a good mother, it’s a nonsense I know but try to tell that to a new mum?).
I gave him cup feeding and then I had to start with bottle feeding and everything went great. He never had colic’s in his life.
My main concern was the air flow and the milk (he is lactose intolerant) and the teats. The teats are very important. 

source: Twistshake website

When he was 9 months, he didn’t want his bottle and hated the formula milk.
I changed his bottle for a “big boy bottle” with what I call a “toddler teat” and he started on drinking better.

And by 1 year old, dentists recommend to let go the “baby teat” and start with sippy cups. For most of us parents is almost impossible to say to a child: Now you have to drink from here! – It’s not a real situation for most of the parents right?

source: Twistshake website

When Twistshake arrived I was skeptic about the Teat (baby teat) and the bottle itself. RJ is now 17 months old, hates sippy cups and prefers to dring by straws or directly from a grown up glass (with us holding the glass of course or he all will take a bath).
I spoke to Twistshake representative and told them that maybe a “toddler teat” would be a great addition to it. Alas he told me they are developing so it will be a matter of time. (if you search on google for Toddler teat, you will find my past reviews).

RJ simply LOVES Twistshake. 
Yes even with a “baby teat” but he loves it.

Twistshake bottle is ergonomically great, since I got the bigger size (330ml).

Ergonomically since for the size, normally the bottles are very round, in this case the bottle is slim, which when you pour on the hot milk or heat the milk in the microwave, the heat is distributed evenly through the bottle. I liked that, because when you heat on the microwave (common everyone does that, it’s practical and quick) you need to take care of the hot spots in can occur, mixing very well.

The small formula pot that comes with it (yes people, Twistshake has thought about the formula and traveling, and every bottle brings a formula pot), I use it to put snacks on the go, of if we go out and about, I put some powder chocolate or cereal.

All the pieces are designed to interact by themselves, so no spare parts.

I made an Unboxing video, when I first received the Twistshake, 
so you will see what you get.


Twistshake gets our recommendation seal and 
we wait for the Toddler teat!!

Congratulations to Twistshake who won the Baby Product of the year 2015 award in Sweden, Innovation Award 2016 in Belgium and the Canadian parenting magazine The Baby Spot recently chose Twistshake as the bottle of the year 2016.

Parent Award 2015 – Poland
Bottle of the Year 2016 – Canada
Innovation Award 2016 – Belgium
Baby Product of the Year Award 2015 – Sweden

You can find more information about our products on Twistshake website: 

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Thank you to Twistshake
My review is Honest and Unbiased

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