Weight Loss Journey – 3 Months after

So it’s been 3 months since I’ve started with The Body Confidence Program (It’s only 2 months of program, but I’ve continued)… more or less.

Positive points:

  • My whole body needed a shook up and this program made it wake it up
  • My uttermost part of my body to treat was my arms. When I was younger I was into kickboxing, and it turned my arms muscled… the fact is that when you stop to work with arms, because of a lot of reasons, the muscle will turn into fat and flabbiness for sure, and it happen to me, which I hated. I wouldn’t show my arms for anything in the world. It could be 40 C degrees (100 F) and I still would wear a jacket to hide the arms… I absolutely dread the area and lowering my self esteem. In the 2 months of treatment I reduced my arms to half… I am super happy, they are getting firmer, still a bit to go but I am thinking of wearing them without any covering – And this is a win! Of course when you start loosing so much weight, remember that cellulite will come up, but those ugly “bags” need to be drained and massaged as well as applying a good cream for it – which is the thing I am doing.
  • Started to notice that things are getting fitter, legs are getting toned, mobility and stretching is better. The body resents with a lot of weight and pains can come up on the joints – Definitely better!
  • Returned to have a little “me time” even if it’s to prepare certain foods for me. I am not doing the menus that I was doing during the program, but the fact is that I miss some of the foods, so I returned to make (at least for me) some of the recipes i loved.
  • Positiveness – I am more positive with everything surrounding me (thanks NLP) and a CAN DO attitude. If by any circumstance I can’t do it, I won’t beat myself up or feel guilt – It wasn’t supposed to be.
  • HIIT exercises – I learn about the HIIT exercises. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval training. Have you have that thought on the gym that, you’ve been working so hard, but so hard and still you don’t notice a change in your body? Why right? That’s why Now you can see everything one on the Fitness area talking about HIIT exercises. So basically burns more fat than any other exercises, you have peaks of high intensity exercise and less intense recovery periods. sessions can go from 4 minutes to 30 minutes tops. let’s say the Ratio is 2:1 – being the 2 the high intense exercise: 30 to 40 seconds of sprinting and 10 to 20 seconds of normal running or jogging. Either way TBCP has some exercises for you to make, but you need to concentrate more on the food.
  • Lost 2 Jeans sizes – and Jeans is always different than other trousers right?


Negative points – Not really negative, but some obstacle I encounter and resolved them along the way:

  • Will be the hardest first 3 days of your life – if you really commit to it. You have to have strong will. Remember that you’re in charge of your body.
  • Can be expensive at first, to buy specially meat and organic food, but you will manage it.
  • Detox exists, and the 1st weeks you will be grumpy, below tired and moody with a lot of regret on why the heck did you start a diet – it will pass in 3 days, so stick to it. Consider one more challenge in your life for a better body and mind. When you start to see the inches disappear, you will challenge it even more.
  • Time for making the food – This was one of the things I struggled with. I needed to juggle our meals, since my husband would take lunch to work (proper adult lunch, not the nonsense of sandwiches, crisps and sodas, that somehow Brits consider as lunch). Proper food as salads and fish or meat, everyday thinking on the menu and preparing in advance for the next day. You will get the hang of it.


These are my points of view of the The Body Confidence Program.

I met, as I said previously on my Vlog (HERE) I met the warming and cheerful RuTee, and her daily emails are the thing that I miss. The tips, the exercises, the organization of everything were the things that gave me a huge push to start t, and try and maintain.

Now, Try and Maintain? Why not continue?

Unfortunately my anemia leads me to certain days where I find myself so tired I don’t even want to talk. And with a baby at home, I have to get my priorities first. So I had to back up a little bit on the HIIT and take some vitamins and other medication that will make my body swell a bit and continue with medical analysis. Which I am now waiting for, while I am writing this post.

This has been a great experience, a very rich experience in fact with the TBCP.

I am planning to continue as soon as I get better, meanwhile I will go slowly on this weight loss journey.


A big hug and thank you to Rutee and the TBCP group

for this experience and hopefully talk to you soon. 

Ale x

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