Amphora Aromatics Deodorants – a review in Aromatheraphy

A wonderful product from Amphora Aromatics!

I am using the Lemongrass and Lavender Deodorant.

What can I say…I love Lemongrass, I love Lavender and I love my Aromatherapy / free from chemicals products!

Because of the hormonal readjustment after having a baby (the Hormonal adjustment can take from 12 months after birth to 18 months, each person is different and can be less or more than that) and sometimes can be hard to find a good deodorant.

BUT this deodorant is strong enough even with the hot weather and hot office temperature, it will last for 8 hours perfectly fine! And Pregnant ladies can use it, not only as a deodorant but before going to bed to calm the “hormones down” since it has Lavender in it.

A bit about Lemongrass and Lavender

  • Helps in the qualty and quantity of Mother’s milk
  • Treats fever and infections
  • Settles the stomach and digestive system
  • Uplifts the spirit releasing “happy” endorphins
  • Lemony scent

  • Calming, relieves stress
  • Balance emotions
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Healing body and mind
  • Helps breathing
  • Disinfectant of bacteria

What AA says about their product:

Both Lemongrass and Lavender are highly regarded deodorising oils. They attack the bacteria that causes body odour and leave you feeling and smelling fresh and ready for whatever the day throws at you.
This light and refreshing deodorant has a subtle citrussy aroma with a hint of sweet Lavender.
We don’t use aluminium, alcohol and synthetic parfum in our natural deodorants. Just the best that nature has provided, blended with love by the experts here at AA Skincare.

What I say:
A must have! It smells fresh and clean, it’s calming and it’s Aromatherapy. The price is really accessible and it’s Amphora Aromatics!
I am updating my basket online in AmphoraAromatics website and buy the other 2 deodorants which sound amazing!! (one for me and one for hubby…yes they think about men!).

Below are the direct links for the 3 deodorants

What I am using right now

A Manly Scent
(Hubby will have this one)

My next buy!

A big Thank You to AA for letting me know 
this wonderful product!


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