Appetizer Pairings for Your Favorite Wines

Appetizer Pairings for Your Favorite Wines

A nice glass of wine with friends turns any casual get-together into a perfect little party. Everybody knows a good party needs appetizers. No matter what variety of wine your guests enjoy, there’s a flavor profile to bring out the best of both food and drink. Let’s look at some appetizer pairings for your favorite wines.


The Full-Bodied Reds

Red wine is usually a heavier drink and is best suited for winding down in the evening. Red meat pairs nicely with red wine, so consider beef sliders with your Cabernet Sauvignon. Stuffed mushrooms are an ideal choice if you’re breaking out the Merlot.


The More Delicate Whites

White wines are much lighter in flavor and are best when served chilled. Salsa Fresca pairs nicely with a nice glass of Sauvignon blanc. Or, if you like to keep things cool with a glass of chardonnay, chicken or grilled shrimp quesadillas pair perfectly with that dryer flavor.


The In-Between Rosés

Many people assume a Rosé is a blend of red and white wine, but that’s not the case at all. They acquire some red coloration from the grapes to give them the body of a red; however, you serve them chilled like a white. The balance of flavors and inviting color make rosé a fantastic choice for wine parties. However, it’s one of the more challenging to pair with. When serving a rosé, bringing out the charcuterie board is best. A selection of crackers and soft queso, such as goat cheese or brie with a dash of apricot jam, will make your appetizer pairing one to remember.


Break Out the Bubbles

Sparkling wines, like champagne and prosecco, add a touch of class and elegance to your tasting. Though surprisingly, the best pairing for these seemingly high-class wines are the salty snacks you’d find at your local sit-down restaurant.

You always hear about champagne and caviar because the saltiness of caviar pairs nicely with the flavors and bubbles of sparkling wine. So you’ll be happy to hear you can get that same fantastic pairing with your prosecco with a batch of French fries or a bag of kettle chips.

Every type of wine brings different flavors and textures to your casual get-together. And knowing these appetizer pairings for your favorite wines when it’s time to bring out the tapas will make sure everyone goes home full and happy.


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