3 Ways To Add Something Special to Your Candles

3 Ways To Add Something Special to Your Candles

Making your own household products has become a trend recently, with people learning how to make everything from all-natural cleaners to laundry detergent to candles. Candles are one of the more fun DIY home projects since they’re easy to make and add something special to your home instead of just keeping things clean like other DIY projects.

And if you want the candles themselves to have something special and not just supply that lovely flickering light to your rooms, then all you need to do is add a few special supplies. Keep reading to learn about these unique ways to add something special to your candles.


Special Scents

When people first start making candles, they often choose to leave them plain and unscented, so they can focus on the creative process. However, once you’ve got the process down and have plenty of candles for general ambiance, you’ll probably want them to smell good. This is your chance to add any special scents you want. Some people use essential oils—either one kind or a mixture of several oils for something unique—while others prefer to create scents with spices, dried herbs, dried flowers, or fragrance oils. Any of these scent options work as long as you’re happy with the result.


Creative Colors

If you’re already used to adding scents to your candles but still want to make them special, consider getting creative with your colors. You can find a special candle or wax dye for your creative process, or look at other options like mica powder or pigment powder. Just make sure to check beforehand that the dye you choose to use is safe and non-flammable, so the flame doesn’t go out of control when you light your candle. If you decide to use a powder in your candles, you can either mix it into the wax during the melting process for total color, or brush it over the top for a pop of color when you first start using it.


Amazing Additions

We’ve all seen those fascinating commercials where people reveal something secret hidden inside a candle. These embellishments and other amazing additions aren’t something only the pros can add—you can hide items in your candles too. All you’ll need to do is select something that won’t melt as the candle burns that can fit inside the mould you’ve chosen for your candle. Decide where you want to place it inside the candle and pour the appropriate amount of wax. Some people find it easier to place the addition at the bottom, while others pour some wax in, place the item, and then pour more wax on top. The choice is yours, and you can surprise yourself later as you use your candle and discover the unique additions inside.

You can add something special to your candles by adding scents, colors, and other interesting additions during the candle-making process. Whatever you decide to add, make sure that all the ingredients and supplies are safe and non-flammable, so you can focus on enjoying the creative process and the amazing result!


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