Graze Snack Boxes

Why choose Graze?

Graze is a snack subscription service that delivers delicious, unique snacks to your work or home. A standard graze box contains 4 healthy and tasty snacks in an eco-friendly recyclable box. The snacks come in perfectly portioned packs that are great for on the go and to treat yourself without overdoing it. 

Graze brings you over 100 handcrafted snacks that you can feel GOOD about eating.

A standard graze box contains 4 portioned snacks that are customized to your taste preferences and dietary requirements.

Available as a weekly or bi-weekly delivery nationwide to your office or home.

£3.99 including shipping (4 snack box)

How Is Graze Different?

1. Variety:
  • Graze currently offers over 100 unique snack creations.
  • The Taste Team keeps a close eye on hot trends in the snacking market and constantly add new creations to the line-up so there’s always something new to try!

2. Re-invented and Re-imagined Snacks:
  • The Snack Hunters scour the world to find the best quality and delicious ingredients.
  • They make sure they only work with small suppliers who are as passionate about food as they are.
  • Graze prides themselves on offering unique and delicious flavor combinations. Each snack recipe combines multiple ingredients to create the perfect taste experience.

3. Nutritionist approved:
  • Graze offers a range of tasty snacks that are nutritionist approved.
  • Their in-house nutrition expert, Jess, ensures that each snack has a benefit, whether it’s essential vitamins or a source of protein.
  • All the snacks contain no artificial flavours, colors or preservatives

4. Convenience & On-the-Go
  • The portioned snacks packs are perfect for on-the go.
  • They not only deliver straight to your office or home, the boxes are designed to fit into a standard mailbox, no signing necessary – less hassle for you!

5. Personalisation
  • The snacks in each box are customized based how you rate the snacks on the website. You can love, like, try, or trash each snack option.
  • Graze handpick a box based on these ratings to ensure you always receive the food tailored to your taste preferences and dietary restrictions.

6. Boxes for Everyone and for Every need
  • Kids
  • Light
  • Fiber
  • variety
  • Sweet
  • Dips and Dippers, etc

On My Variety Box I got:


Lightly salted popcorn

Lemon and Rosemary Olives (toothpick included)

Cinnamon pretzel sticks with toffee dip

Carrot cake

The attention to details is superb: with the carrot cake
you have your afternoon tea!!

ArtsMum definitely recommends Graze

Exclusively for ArtsMum readers!

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Cheerio #startsnacking

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