Are you taking care of your teeth properly?

And you will think:

Of course I am! brush my teeth and use a bunch of things…

But are you really taking care of them?

Many of your dentist will know (for sure…they learn it in med school) that the normal enamel colour is a white yellowish. Why? Because you eat. Simple as that. Not that you don’t clean the teeth, but because of the acid in your stomach (needed to make digestion properly) that transforms in a “gas” that goes both ways (up and down) in your body: through the intestines (downwards – that’s one of the reasons you have gas) and towards the mouth and nose through the esophagus (upwards). and I could continue to give you a lesson in anatomy and Physiology (will leave that for my classes).

That’s why your healthy enamel has that colour.

Now… The facts!

Since the starting of the “white as heck” teeth whitening trend started, how many of you see people and adverts in TV towards teeth sensitivity? How many do you see, using plaques and having their teeth removed because they are too fragile?

I have absolutely nothing against doing whitening on teeth… I won’t do it. I already have sensitivity in my teeth because of the amount of time I used the wrong products.

For example, one of the wrong thing we are doing is clean our teeth right after eating. It is WRONG!!

No one likes to have that feeling after eating, but the truth is:

You should wait at least 30 minutes, after eating, to wash your teeth. Because your digestion starts in approximately 30 minutes after you finish eating, and your stomach will release it’s acid by then (remember what I wrote above?). If you wash your teeth before the acid /enzymes are released, you are cleaning the teeth and leaving them without any protection from the acid of the stomach.

So in the meantime, if you want to feel a bit clean after eating, a proper sugar free gum will be an effective way and THEN you can wash your teeth.

This tip is a life saver… in fact a life hack for you to maintain a healthy teeth.

That and using a proper brush and a proper toothpaste. 

Another example: you should “detox” your gums and teeth. With what? with an activated charcoal teeth powder or paste – By the way: charcoal has been used for centuries to cleanse and detox our mouth…and whiten our teeth naturally.

Here are some I am using:

Charcoal activated powder

I use it at least 3 to 4 times during the week. I have problems with my gum and the fact that I have a stubborn wisdom tooth, i will use this powder (a bit in the brush – make sure you have a brush for only this powder) and rub it on the teeth like normally I do with my toothpaste. You will feel your teeth and even the gums like really clean and polished. All type of problems with gums will ameliorate… and that wisdom tooth will feel better.


A natural (good quality) Toothpaste with plants and charcoal

I am using this toothpaste from the natural organic brand which tastes and smells wonderfully clean.

This is how it looks on the toothbrush

And my son is using the one for children, organic and natural and he loves it. Of course it’s not whitening.

As you can see you can maintain a good healthy mouth, gum and teeth, making them brighter without harsh chemicals… this will make you have your teeth remain with you for some more decades without problems.

That and eating healthy.

What are your tips?

Share in the comments below your thoughts and tips, I would like to know.


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