Bored? Why Not Set Up Your Own Personal Blog?

The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic is, unfortunately, still in full force. Many of us have been living relatively isolated lifestyles, distanced from others, and staying indoors as much as possible, for many months now. So, if you’re feeling a little bored by now, you’re far from alone.

Chances are you’ve tried out a few new indoors based hobbies – baking, learning a language, new home workouts, the list goes on. But if you haven’t tried blogging yet, it could be a really good source of entertainment, a great creative outlet, and even a source of income for you. Here’s a little more information that could help to get the ball rolling!


Choose an Area of Focus

Now, if you’re going to blog, you do need to choose an area of focus. Sure, it’s all good and well-treating your blog as a journal and writing whatever you feel like on any given day. But if you want people to read your blog regularly, you need to appeal to a set interest.

There are many blog categories to choose from – travel, food, lifestyle, fashion… the list goes on. Choose an area of expertise or specialism and largely stick with it!



Setting Up

Now, there are many free blogging platforms out there that are just great. If you’re blogging casually and are happy with a limited array of page designs, these should be fine for you.If you want something more professional looking, you may want to look into Dedicated Servers, web design and web development services.


Making Money from Blogging

During the pandemic, many of us are experiencing financial hardship first hand. Why? Well, social distancing and social isolation measures are great for minimising the spread of the virus, but at the same time, these rules and restrictions are significantly impacting the way many businesses work – particularly face to face businesses like cafes, restaurants or brick and mortar stores.

Companies are unable to operate, many are collapsing or letting staff go – and when people lose their jobs, they’re more reluctant to spend. This results in all businesses struggling, as there’s less demand for everything, as people want to hold onto their cash. If you’ve found yourself in a position where you’ve lost your job, been made redundant or are operating on lower hours or income, you may be looking for an extra way to make a little money. Believe it or not, your blog could help you to achieve this.

Many people actually generate their full income through blogging alone! But how do you get paid from your blog? Well, if you manage to create a regular and established readership, companies will be aware that people are directing their attention towards your blog on a regular basis. They will then want to market and advertise their products or services on your blog, hoping that your readers will be influenced to buy from them. You can charge them to write reviews, feature their products in your posts or pictures, or to simply use banners and other space on your blog to directly advertise.


Hopefully, some of the above information should help you on your journey to blogging! Keep each tip in mind and everything should go smoothly!


Photos from Pixabay

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